i Cryptic Crossword 2802 Hypnos

January 31, 2020

My mind usually goes blank when a crossword clue involves footballers, resulting, I dare say, from some unresolved trauma or feelings of inadequacy in male company when called upon to say anything sensible about football. However, even I managed to see LIONEL MESSI straightaway.

This was a nicely accessible puzzle, which I completed in well under my typical time. Enjoyable and satisfying – although it did rely over-heavily on anagrams for my taste. At the end of my solving session, I had no question marks against any clues; everything was fairly clued and gettable. I did resort to e-help for my last two in, which were the crossing JUVENILE and JOPLIN, but I think that was simply a touch of laziness on my part, rather than some difficulty with the clues. Had I not been blogging, I would most likely have work a little harder on !a and all would have been revealed.

It was one of my least favoured grids. This kind often feels like solving four mini-crosswords rather then one grown-up one.

No really spectacular clues, although UMBRIA made me smile, as did my nomination fro Clue of the Day, 24a: “Croatian is dressed in a waterproof” (8).

An IoS reprint from November 2015: https://www.fifteensquared.net/2015/11/08/independent-on-sunday-1341-hypnos/

7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2802 Hypnos”

  1. Topsy said

    After convincing myself 1d was obviously “teenager” it took a while for me to get going but once I spotted Messi everything fell into place. I did a bit of eye-rolling as more anagrams emerged. I thought it would be mushroom free day but I did spot one at 27a. I’m getting a bit paranoid because the 2 recipes pictured on page 44 are both mushroom dishes….. are we being brainwashed to become vegan 😀

  2. Cornick said

    Not really my type of puzzle at all, sorry.
    These full anagrams can be wonderful sometimes, but they can also be a bit lazy, IMO. Just put lionelmessi into an anagram generator, set the word limit at 2, choose ‘Millions see’ from the list of half a dozen options, put ‘footballer’ on the end and any anagram indicator you like in the middle. Oh the mysteries of the setter’s art!!

  3. jonofwales said

    Pretty much as expected for an IoS reprint, and enjoyable while it lasted. Last in here 10ac and 27ac, with the latter I suspect because I thought of all other types of bed first.

  4. dtw42 said

    I needed a little electronic nudging, especially down the right-hand side, but only because of being not entirely in the right frame of mind today.
    Agreed with saboteur re (a) being surprised/relieved to be able to solve the footballer, and (b) the nature of this grid style.

  5. batarde said

    Bladder-kicker aside all perfectly decent stuff, and even the grid is far from being the worst we’ve seen – so it’s most unfair of me to say that I feel thoroughly short changed, but I do. A read-and-write exercise from start to finish.

  6. The tortoise VM said

    At last a crossword for all levels of participators.
    I nearly completed this one in the time I had at my disposal
    A good well balanced puzzle .
    Well done Hypnos

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