Inquisitor 1630 Lawgiver by Nutmeg

January 28, 2020

Our four week all-female line-up kicks off with Nutmeg, whose last offering I thoroughly enjoyed. This Saturday brings hidden things, highlighting, and misprints which I’m hoping will be a clear steer in the right direction, the thinking processes feeling somewhat dulled following a working week that has been, well, one of those weeks.

Fuelled by croissants, coffee, and more coffee, and with the kids + other busily trashing the house, to the kitchen and a pretty straightforward grid solve, though a fun one too. COST for damage was nice, though my first thought regarding the answer (+ A) was why does it share a name with a certain high street chain. More caffeine required.

Unknowns, few. Ticks, all round.

Misprints. Ones against form I managed not to make a hash of – the result being FOUNDATION AND EARTH, the tail end of a series of books I haven’t read, though I have read a great deal in the dim and distant past by Asimov, he of the incredible side-boards.

So are we looking for one of the laws of robotics in the perimeter? Doesn’t look like it. But after a while it does become clear with some letters in the left hand column that what we are looking for is the Law Of Dietetics, which Asimov apparently coined, that is to say that “If it tastes good it’s bad for you”, which is no doubt haunting the consciences of many struggling with New Year’s resolutions. As I never make the things though it isn’t. But it does help polish off that grid, all the resultant letters filled in.

The author’s name overlapping two directions has the handy side-effect of alerting me that a lobbed in NEST for 17ac for want of any better ideas wasn’t one of my finest moments. I still don’t see how the correct VEST fits the first definition, but there you go.

Done, and thoroughly enjoyed this time too. Time to light the fire to stave off the forecast second night of the cold snap, so with the gasoline reek of firelighters still lingering on my fingertips, signing off.

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