i Cryptic Crossword 2783 Vigo

January 9, 2020

Last year Vigo ranked as being the easiest of the i‘s setters, but I found today’s offering surprisingly to be a little more of a challenge. There were plenty of easy clues to get you started, but a couple of the shorter answers – in particular 8ac and 10ac – took a while to fall, and elsewhere the puzzle felt generally knotty. At the close I finished just over par for the i, so this is far from being a monster of a puzzle, just not what I expected at the start. As I’m struggling with sleep deprivation though as the week progresses, it’s possible that your mileage may vary, and this was a thoroughly enjoyable crossword nevertheless.

On solving I wondered what Topsy would make of 11ac, and if Sprouthater’s solving what he made of 3d. 🙂

COD? Lots to like today, in particular 6d and 2d, with my nomination going to the aforementioned 8ac – “Skin and cook frozen duck (4)” which looks so simple in retrospect, but caused no end of difficulty.

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8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2783 Vigo”

  1. Topsy said

    I found this rather difficult tbh but it didn’t irritate me. My first in was 3d as I have a reasonable French vocab and a catering background. This led me to 11a, which I got, but no idea why! I thought it was a euphemism that I had never heard of lol. I was pleased to see the puzzle in what I consider to be its rightful place for a change.

  2. Cornick said

    Like Duncan back in the day, I too wondered if we were heading for a double pangram, but no. that’ll be a treat for another day – I’m pretty sure we have one coming.
    Wonderfully assembled clues, weren’t they? Deceptively simple, but very clever. I especially like the way Vigo finds synonyms that help create a world for the surface reading that’s so compelling but completely different to the cryptic reading – like the blubber on those eels that’s really CRY.
    Excellent stuff!

  3. michaelatcobblerscottage said

    I too thoroughly enjoyed this one. ZERO was a splendid clue, I thought. It was my FOI and it set the tone for some very beguiling surface readings – as Cornick has pointed out.

    I did get a bit stuck in the SE corner, through my own carelessness. At 24, after having decided it wasn’t “retched” but instead was “ejected”, somehow I managed to insert the invented word “dretched”, without noticing what I had done. This made JERKIN and UTERI difficult, until I noticed my mistake.

  4. batarde said

    Vigo has a lightness of touch and a distinctive sense of humour which make her a very welcome addition to the compilers’ roster as far as I’m concerned. This did feel a little more difficult than the previous ones, but not by all that much – perhaps that’s on account of the pangram, but it’s not as if the grid is crammed with obscurities. None at all, in fact.

    Regarding 11ac, Topsy, that was my last one in after some squinting, and I came to the conclusion that persons engaging in that activity might be said to be at it. Quite a relief to find that Duncan was working along the same lines. Agreed on the format today: now all they have to do is get rid of those wretched staples and I’ll be content.

    • Topsy said

      Mr B, re 11a sweet angelic little me felt the word might relate to a euphemism relating to clergymen or non-vegitarian comestibles….. I hope that I haven’t shocked anyone!! Re the staples, although they are irritating, I prefer them because it makes holding the paper easier for me.

  5. dtw42 said

    Staples to the right of the grid suit me fine as I’m a southpaw. 11ac, 8ac, and 15ac were my last ones in. (Yes, “be at it” was also my – eventual – parsing.)

  6. jonofwales said

    In other news… “Culture Secretary ‘minded to’ intervene over sale of i paper to Daily Mail owner”: https://www.pressgazette.co.uk/culture-secretary-minded-to-intervene-over-sale-of-i-paper-to-daily-mail-owner/

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