i Cryptic Crossword 2774 Daedalus

December 30, 2019

We’re a bit short of time this morning here, since:

  • We’re off to the pantomime this afternoon;
  • I foolishly decided to have a lie-in;
  • I also foolishly thought that I’d be the only person dumping wrapping paper and bits of cardboard at the recycling centre this morning with the result that I spent rather a long time in a traffic jam.

So I wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing Daedalus in the i today, as his constructions can sometimes be on the tricky side. As it turned out this was a light, breezy offering that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have some sympathy with Flashling over on the other side as much was a lot easier to solve than to parse, large chunks going in on checking letters alone and likely definition.

My copy has copious ticks beside the question marks, notably beside the nicely hidden word at 11ac. Talking of question marks, 22d predictably enough sparked rather a lot of debate on Fifteensquared, and I’m glad I didn’t have to parse it alone, but it appears to be O Z ONE from 001 as the cryptic bit, with OOO as the definition, and I can see why Daedalus couldn’t resist it!

A finish time today half that par for the i, with a good time had throughout.

Talking of times, on New Year’s Day I’ll be publishing my annual review of the year’s puzzles, based on a spreadsheet of setters v average times I’ve been rather obsessively updating throughout the year. I hope you find the results to be of interest.

But to today, and my COD nomination which goes to 2d – “Maybe I lower case of painkilling placebo (9,6)”.

To the summer of 2015:


5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2774 Daedalus”

  1. michaelatcobblerscottage said

    A similar experience for me, too, with lots of answers coming fairly readily, and my having to work on the parsing to fully understand the clues. It took me ages, for example, to see the SE[A]MEN in NORESEMEN, and I had no idea that a “ned” was a “tough/thug” in RUINED.

    Thoroughly enjoyable: some imaginative cluing, especially OZONE and IMAGINARY NUMBER.

  2. dtw42 said

    hmm. 2/3 was pretty quick here, then a bit more thought over the last third. Mark me down as another who bunged several in without really getting the parsing. So, ‘flecked’ is an anagram indicator now is it? O.o

  3. Topsy said

    No offence to the setter but I thought this one was far too smartarsy! (I am grumpy today due to dental probs)

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