Inquisitor 1625 Rush by Vismut

December 27, 2019

It’s been several days since I solved Vismut’s latest and it feels like a lot has happened in the meantime, it being that time of year when there is indeed a lot going on, but glancing at the puzzle several things spring to mind from those dim and dusty days.

  • The preamble, there being a lot of it. Extra letters from wordplay in some hinting at… Ten mysterious others. Extra letters in six downs which somehow or other will elucidate the final highlighting. And for good measure a couple of letters to alter at the close. Phew. Told you there was a lot of it.
  • My credit card statement, which isn’t looking any healthier with the passing month. Whose idea was it to get that tree? Oh yes…

Into the fray.

Words of interest this week: SACHEMDOM, CSARDAS, with worthy mentions to WHOOPEE and LEWDEST.

The ten mysterious clues? Mysterious as it turns out because the answers won’t fit into their allotted spaces. But, as it transpires, they’re all animals and the noises they make will. Who knew that a MAGPIE is wont to CHATTER, or that a WHALE might SING? Well, Vismut for a start, and also Wikipedia quite handily as it turns out, stuck as I was on one or two at the close.

16 extra letters generated from wordplay? THE CALL OF THE WILD, which is a pretty well known book by Jack London. No prizes for guessing who we’re going to highlight.

Talking of which, six definitions in the downs have an extra letter each. NAME OF… The mind-bending mysterious preamble pointing to letters calculated from the same which lead to AUTHOR.

Yep, we need to highlight the name of the author. There’s LONDON across one diagonal, and JACK just above.

Just the main character’s name to reveal by altering two letters. The name we’re looking for is BUCK, which we could get by altering the first two letters of JACK, but that would leave non-real words which we’re told is a no-no.

It’s a thematic answer we’re after, the BARK of a SEAL looking like the obvious one to change. In he goes.

Done, dusted, enjoyed, and all in good time to… Go and spend some more cash I haven’t got I guess. The closing date this time is a couple of days late on the 27th, what with the inconvenience of Bank Holidays, so by the time this is published it’ll all be over bar the mountain of food and drink yet to be consumed. Time to get stuck in…

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