i Cryptic Crossword 2730 Poins

November 7, 2019

An IoS reprint from Poins today that I finished in a time well under par for the i, so on the easy side? Well, sort of, because at the close I had a number of question marks and doubts, so I wouldn’t say that it was a comfortable solve. In particular I didn’t know the synonym for short story in 23ac, and had doubts about the definition in the same clue which did cause problems to the south of the grid which was already a step up in difficulty from the rest. But elsewhere as long as you knew that a religious scholar is often DD, that salts are usually of the seagoing variety, and various other crossword staples, you wouldn’t have had too many difficulties. A good solid puzzle in other words, though I suspect dissent from some quarters on that point.

COD? As is common for IoS reprints nothing really leaps out, but I’ll go with 6d which is straightforward enough, but has a nice surface reading – ”
Single girl longed to possess Otto’s heart (10)”.

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8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2730 Poins”

  1. batarde said

    It felt a bit rickety in places, the definition part of 23ac being a case in point. It is, of course, supported by the dictionary, but all the same. Shame really, because I rather liked the wordplay. On the whole however Poins’ style strikes me as rather inelegant and not especially entertaining.

  2. michaelatcobblerscottage said

    CONTRAVENE was indeed a rum one. As Batarde points out, it is in the dictionary, but it seems iffy.

    Otherwise an ok solve.

  3. Cornick said

    Not my type of puzzle at all alas, although I do hope others liked it. Contained several of my pet hate features while the best clues would merely be fillers in the puzzles of plenty of our setters. Heigh ho.

  4. dtw42 said

    I needed a bit of help for the last four or five. Same comments as everyone else re 23ac, and general meh-ness. My LOI was 4dn; no particular reason apart from a brain-blank.

  5. Topsy said

    A very busy day meant I didn’t have time to complete the whole puzzle but I enjoyed the ones I did manage to get (which is rare for a Thursday). However, I am probably being dim because I can’t understand why “score” = “account”.

    • jonofwales said

      According to Chambers:

      “Score: 9. An account of charges incurred (as in a tavern) by tallies or (later) chalk marks or the like”.

      “Account (verb): 1. To count 2. To reckon”.

      The second more likely than the first I’d say.

  6. bootsybadger said

    5D – I didn’t solve it and didn’t understand PeeDee’s explanation, either! I’ve never heard of ‘alter ego’ meaning ‘confidant’. Am I missing something?

    I thought the number of ‘re-‘ words in the answers – relieved; retreat; reverse – made the puzzle feel a bit ‘samey’. Despite that gripe, I liked 18D. I also rated 22ac, which I got, and 9ac, which I didn’t.

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