i Cryptic Crossword 2727 Hoskins

November 4, 2019

So our first outing from Hoskins? I think so. I also believe that this is my first attempt at solving one of his puzzles too, and if this is anything to go by I’m looking forward to many more. A pleasure to solve throughout, lively, a little cheeky, moderately challenging (I finished just under par for the i), with loads of ticks. What’s not to like? Not a lot, actually. I couldn’t parse 25ac, in common with the original blogger, though Gaufrid explains everything ably in the comments. I’m also unsure why HEAT = “round”, though with that definition and Hoskin’s reputation preceding him the answer could be little else. So yes, a big thumbs up from me.

COD? The very nicely done 2d – “It can end with legal work, unfortunately (6,9)”.

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8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2727 Hoskins”

  1. batarde said

    That was perky … seems we have another cheeky schoolboy on the setters’ roster. I found this pretty enjoyable throughout and look forward to seeing more, although he might want to tone it down just a tad. “Heat” seems to be in the sense of a preliminary contest, which is not an exact synonym for “round”, but heigh ho. Agreed on the COD, but right from the start with 1ac it was clear that there was some fun in store. That one deserved its exclamation mark; not quite so convinced by 10ac.

    • jonofwales said

      Ah, that makes sense, and hadn’t occurred to me. Perhaps in a few days I will have woken up.

  2. michaelatcobblerscottage said

    A very welcome addition. Thoroughly enjoyable, with a new and different flavour to it. Finished in about my average one hour.

    I agree with Batarde about “heat”; I understood it to be a preliminary round, which while is is not an exact synonym it seemed close enough. But I totally disagree about 29a; I thought TORMENTOR was a superb clue, and would have been my nomination for Clue of the Day.

    There were a couple I could not parse. REEDIER and ON DIT. The latter is a new phrase to me and I still don’t understand what “drunk” is doing in the clue.

    Looking forward to more!

  3. Topsy said

    Sorry folks, all very clever but as I am sure you know by now that I find sex, drugs and rock & roll references to be utterly tedious and frankly depressing. What devices did setters of old use, I wonder? However, I am pleased to see a new setter and I did like some of the clues. I am thinking of having a go at compiling my own puzzles with pretty butterflies, puppies and kittens 😀

  4. Jimbo said

    I can tell when I’ve had a good tussle with a setter, as the margins and white space around the grid are peppered with letter circles and word guesses.

    Set off at a fair pace on the RHS, with 4 as the FOI. Then got gruesomely stuck on the LHS, with the SW corner last to fall. Cheated on the way to get 10.

    My CotD was 20, for the loud groan it produced.

    8 got me thinking along these lines: Cornelius, Dominic and Johnny (6)

  5. dtw42 said

    Okay – I got about ¾ through this then had to break off for a busy day’s work so have just come back to the bit I had found tougher: the NW corner. But it all went in okay in the end without recourse to books or apps, and yes – I enjoyed most of it. The only ones I couldn’t parse were 14ac and the “-er” bit of 18ac. I was find with on-dit. 1ac and 10ac both got a “strewth!” but I’m in the “10ac was jolly clever” camp. Ticks also next to 13 and 27.

  6. Cornick said

    Big welcome to Hoskins, who has laid down a marker with this characteristically risqué crossword, and given his prodigious output in the Independent, he seems destined to become a welcome mainstay of our puzzling lives.
    Some terrific clues today – thoroughly concur about 10ac and 2d.
    My only complaint is with the frankly ridiculous nit-picking in some of the Fifteensquared comments I’ve just read. Also a bit disappointed with their blogger who seemed not to know that ‘on’ can mean RE, for example. I mean Jeez, give the new boy a break, and if you’re going to criticise then make sure you’re right or else you make yourself look silly.

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