Inquisitor 1617 ONCE by Radler

October 29, 2019

Point of order 1: Those squares are grey and not silver.

Second, it might have helped if I hadn’t done this arse backwards. ie. If I’d actually managed to solve some of those greyed entries, adjusted them “retrospectively”, which in retrospect is a good hint but at the time only confused me, and got the theme.

Because I failed miserably to solve any when filling the grid, and only got them… Well, at the close, having done everything else, sense having finally prevailed.

After filling the grid, which was on the taxing side anyway after a brief, unexpectedly quick solve of the SE corner before lunch, the oldest having got up slightly later than anticipated wished, being still in the shower. Tell me that you guessed LEPRA too with help from the BRB, and didn’t feel particularly confident about being IN THE CAN.

The ones without definitions being a problem, of course, until I spotted ISTANBUL. And BONN. Bingo, cities, chuck some in. No idea why, of course.

That final adjustment, and highlighting. Well, there’s LONDON across one diagonal, and a suspicious looking WI….ER surrounding it. So, WINCHESTER? And why? Well, I didn’t know that the latter used to be capital before the former. And why would I, having spent several years living just down the road but never actually bothering to visit… Let’s not go there. Literally.

So presumably the greyish entries are also former capitals? With one correction to give SCONE and not somewhere in some obscure country I’d not heard of. Oh, and after correcting an errant ERRAND to give ERRANT, CASTLETOWN along the bottom row I’d not heard of either.

With a little help from Wikipedia’s handy page of former world capitals, but sshh, don’t tell Nimrod.

Twenty four hours later…

You know. Those greyed entries. The original answers, they’re probably the contemporary capitals, aren’t they? So given the probable answers, and my decidedly amateurish parsing skills, it turns out they are, my grid entries being indeed (famous last words), correct.

As I say, solved arse backwards.

But correct, I’m going to say, and a pretty decent challenge.

Why the capital ONCE? once capitals, presumably?


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  1. batarde said

    I appear to have solved this one arse-forwards, which is a turn up for the books. One of those Inquisitors where success is predicated on finding the right Wikipedia page, really. And yes, LEPRA was a guess and a shrug entry, of course.

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