i Cryptic Crossword 2662 Crosophile

August 20, 2019

theme after my own heart today. Crosophile is not a fan apparently, but I most certainly am and therefore spotted it early on. Once 19ac was in it was either going to be that or Grange Hill. If it passed you by you’re in good company with Bertandjoyce, but the explanation can be found at comment no. 9 under the Fifteensquared write-up from April 2015.

In the past I have harrumphed at Crosophile for including some very obscure vocabulary, but the only word which might be considered recondite this time is 2d, and the clue is clear enough not to infringe Arachne’s Law. There are some tricky constructions though, so it’s a pretty worthwhile workout. My last one in was 14d, which is rather devilish. Plenty of variety, from the long anagram to the cleverly nested 1ac, and no shortage of ticks either. 5ac, 8, 13d and 14 all seem worthy of an honourable mention, with the aforementioned 1ac winning the COD trophy:

“Little creatures like snuggling mum and love to be back in the heart of it all (7)”

6 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2662 Crosophile”

  1. Cornick said

    Doing this online one doesn’t know who the setter is, and I was convinced this was going to be by a first-timer; so when I came here to see Crosophile’s name I was a little disappointed really. ‘Shows promise, needs to be more consistent’ I was going to write. Oh well.
    Totally missed the ghost theme despite being a big fan – bravo for spotting that one Batarde.
    Also missed the online congratulatory tick due to my inability to spell STERLING properly, which is a bit embarrassing.

  2. Topsy said

    I rather liked 7d because I managed to dredge up where I had heard of Treebeard 50 years on. I did try to shoe horn in “bath night” at 3d because it’s our pet’s hate! It would help if I tried harder 😀

  3. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Completely failed to see the ghost theme, but then again I am not a fan.

    Quite a challenge today but a rewarding one. Delayed a bit by attempting to put “animals” in 1ac (trying to convince myself it was some combination of as, ma, and nil), until BETE NOIRE put me back on track. SMOOTHIES was my Last One In, it taking me ages to see. I did struggle with MORRISON SHELTER as well, trying to work out an anagram of “home supermarket”. I had to resort to Wikipedia to understand how OCELLAR = “spotted”, but as Batarde points out, it was fairly clued. Otherwise all good.

  4. dtw42 said

    14dn LOI here too.
    Theme, what theme?

  5. jonofwales said

    Extremely difficult I thought. I spotted the theme, but only at the very close by which time it was too late to help. Oh well.

  6. sprouthater said

    Very tough, the word play for 14dn, 18dn and 26ac went right over my head much like the theme. The definition for 4dn in the Concise Oxford dictionary I was using is “Irish Porridge”

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