i Cryptic Crossword 2649 Raich

August 5, 2019

An IOS reprint to start the week and whilst not terrible difficult there were a few that provided me with a bit of a tussle either because of the wordplay or the definition didn’t seem to match the clue, 21ac was one, an anagram which gave Generates or Teenagers defined by Awkward evidently the setter thinks Teenagers are awkward. Quite a few anagrams here with a nice long one at 3dn which didn’t really need working out but if you did use the apparent anagram fodder it doesn’t work, this it seems isn’t an error as the setter explains over on the Fifteensquared blog.

An enjoyable puzzle with some good clues but nothing that really stood out so for COD I will nominate 1ac because the wordplay had me scratching my head for a while

Getting tips from speakers after function gives comfortable feeling (8)


5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2649 Raich”

  1. dtw42 said

    Okay, well I sailed through about 90% of this and then stumbled at the end. Couldn’t see what 8dn was going to be, so guessed WALKOVER and then obviously enough couldn’t do 5ac. Came here to find out what 2dn was.
    Everything else was dandy enough (although am I the only one to think 6dn was a pretty weak clue?).

    1ac was indeed good, and probably my COD too.

    (If I’m allowed a plug at this point, @Skirwingle is now on Twitter: I can’t guarantee that every tweet will be crossword-related, but most will probably be language/wordplay-related.)

  2. batarde said

    It all seemed fair and above board to me, a thoroughly satisfactory start to the week if not Raich’s best. Once again I’m struck by how lil’ ol’ Rhode Island punches above it’s weight in crossword terms. One tick today, for 17d.

  3. Topsy said

    I guess teenagers are awkward but they can be naive so therefore a green set??? I think I have my grumpy head on today because some clues just irritated me especially 3d. Never mind, at least I completed it despite thinking “Rakeb” might be a computer language!

  4. Cornick said

    I was fine with 3d – 13 letters + ON, and agree about the COD, which garnered my solitary tick.
    However, I agree that 6d was pretty weak and really didn’t think much of 8d at all; surely straight cryptics must have a deceptive surface reading, no?
    Also the descriptions of Shetland as remote or teenagers as awkward are both a bit dodgy.
    I still like Raich’s puzzles, just didn’t think this was one of his best.

  5. New word of the day: “A loose hooded cloak worn with a half mask, worn especially at masquerades.”

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