i Cryptic Crossword 2647 Hypnos

August 2, 2019

Puzzles from this setter seem to appear mostly in the IOS and are generally pretty straightforward and this is exactly what we have here. I surprised myself by answering the first five across clues which made 5dn and subsequently 11dn write-ins, this unfortunately made the setters clever clues rather Pointless (Another quiz show presented by S.T.) 17dn was solved from the cryptic with no idea why it should refer to a uniformed schoolboy and 20dn my LOI went in with a shrug. Over on The Fifteensquared blog the main point of discussion is 15dn and what the “Hands” has to do with it, I thought that at first but The BRB gives Attrition as “Decreasing by rubbing” so that seems to make some sense.

Only two needed any checking, 23ac an unknown artist and an equally unknown footballer that got a grimace and 3dn which purely on the basis that it was solved from the cryptic will be the COD

Fish produced by a cricket club I love as a starter (9)

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  1. batarde said

    Not feeling very bright today after a plumbing emergency in the small hours, but at least I can still manage the crossword. Very good despite the presence of 11d, who gives me the pip. In art-historical terms 23ac is about as major as they come, and no doubt Cornick will tell me that the same goes for the footballer, whoever he or she may be. Ticks for that and 18ac – not a bad tally by any means because I’m dead mean with them, me.

  2. Cornick said

    Kane and Kandinsky are both A-listers as far as I’m concerned, so no problems there today. 🙂
    The main point of interest this time was what makes, or doesn’t make, a good straight cryptic clue. Of the three today, 13ac was my COD, 12ac was fine but a bit too obvious, and for me 15d was the worst clue of the day. My speculation is that setters are more prone to a lack of self-criticism with this sort of clue than with any other.

  3. dtw42 said

    My paper hadn’t turned up by the time I went to work this morning (a real bummer as it was the deadest morning’s employment I’ve endured for a very long time and could have done with something to pass the time) so I didn’t get to see/tackle this until the evening.

    Harder, for me, than the last two days, so slowish progress, but got there in the end. LOI (needed a word-list to help for this one) was 17dn.

    My assumption re 15dn was as per Cookie’s comment on 15² – an organisation’s gradual loss of employees. I did write “meh” next to that clue.

    Needed K-N-I-S– before I twigged to 23ac … and yes, I am more familiar with the artist than the footballer, though once the answer was apparent I *could* tell who was being referred to.

  4. allan_c said

    An interesting contrast with solving it on its original IoS appearance. Back then I guessed ORPHANAGE but didn’t think much of ATTRITION. This time I immediately thought of the latter as referring to the loss of staff, particularly by “natural wastage” to avoid redundancies, whereas I needed a wordfinder for the former.

    • Cornick said

      I had no problem with the ‘cryptic’ meaning – attrition within a workforce is a commonplace and obvious enough idea – but where is the surface misdirection in a clue that reads ‘Gradual decrease in hands?’ ? Shrinking horses? Repetitive chainsaw accidents?

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