i Cryptic Crossword 2645 Dac

July 31, 2019

“Another excellent puzzle from Dac. What more can we say that hasn’t already been said”?

That was the chorus from Bertandjoyce back in May 2015, and the answer is of course not a right lot. Ever the solver’s friend and the blogger’s enemy, Dac rarely left anything to quibble about, and maintained such a consistent standard that what goes for one puzzle pretty much goes for them all.

Today we have the crossword setter’s second favourite fictional Detective Inspector; North America’s second highest mountain, and the title track from Stevie Wonder’s ninth album (it says here). Nothing obscure except perhaps the mountain, and definitely nothing that can’t be deduced with confidence from the clues. My COD is 18d, but please feel free to nominate your own from the fine array of possibilities.

“Type of mine not left by US force (7)”

For B&J’s blog and some inevitable pedantry about 8d, please click here.

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2645 Dac”

  1. Topsy said

    Not a lot to say about this one, nice and straight forward 😀

  2. dtw42 said

    Most of this was pretty much read-and-write; only the SE corner slowed me down. Didn’t understand the yacht reference in 26ac.

    LOI was 22dn (my brain goes blank when presented with potential foopball references); read it out in the office, and a colleague who cares for sport but not crosswords suggested the right name.

  3. sprouthater said

    All very agreeable I had the same COD just 22dn that got a grimace.

  4. Grandmum Liz said

    I don’t often laugh out loud now I am doing crosswords on my own, but I did at 1D!

  5. Cornick said

    Curiously ‘conference’ was my first word in and ‘press’ my last – much slower than Grandmum Liz to get the joke there. Good to see another new contributor, btw 🙂 .
    Among the candidates for COD I might have also considered 6d and probably ended up plumping for 13d CHINCHILLA – Dac makes it look so easy!
    My turn to blog tomorrow…

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