i Cryptic Crossword 2628 Klingsor

July 11, 2019

Oh jeepers, this is embarrassing. I’d volunteered to cover for Jon today, and completely forgotten about it. Therefore my apologies to one and all, and the following will be brief!

Here we have an example of Klingsor in particularly challenging mode, it seems to me. There are precious few easy starters to provide toeholds, and whilst the solving process was as absorbing as ever it was in the nature of a series of dental extractions. Exhausting stuff, and long-winded too. I’m pleased to see that all my parsings are supported by Bertandjoyce’s Fifteensquared blog entry, but I won’t pretend that I was 100% confident, especially about 5 and 9d. It is, of course, a very good puzzle – but if you weren’t in the mood I certainly shan’t blame you. My clue of the day, I fear, is 13d.

“Revealing bust company’s heading for liquidation, beset by strike (9)”

9 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2628 Klingsor”

  1. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Quite often a challenging solve can be very rewarding, creating a real sense of achievement when the crossword is completed and parsed. This one wasn’t like that at all. The bottom half wasn’t too bad, but the top half was a real struggle, the NE corner in particular. And when you end up trawling through lists in the thesaurus and resorting to crosswordsolver, without actually ‘getting’ the clue, it is not a very satisfying experience.

    In particular, I got LUTETIUM from a suggestion in crosswordsolver but was completely unable to see the word-play. SPLATTER went in, again from a list, without any understanding. STARE I guessed without help, but also without understanding. I finally cracked the long anagram at 8A, but thought thst the ON at the end was egregious; PULL A FAST ONE seems to me to be the common parlance, without the ON.

    So, the grid was filled with the correct letters, but the crossword was not solved, I would say, today.

    • Cornick said

      A game of two halves here. All was proceding very nicely thank you until the north east corner – not helped by having bunged in INCEPTION on a wing and a prayer earlier, and having dismissed PULL A FAST ONE because of that extra word.
      So very slow progress until I saw the bee hives clue, whereupon a bit of wordsearch help cleared everything up nicely.
      Worked out all the parsings except ‘in a mo; thought LUTETIUM was neat. I’m sure we’ve met ‘preposterously’ to indicate last letter going first before, and I think it was Klingsor then too. I didn’t mind it.

  2. dtw42 said

    Today it was my turn for a DNF. Struggled with most of it, putting things in unparsed, then with about four or so left near the top, I thought, sod it, life’s too short, and came here to see what the remainder were.

  3. sprouthater said

    Did about three quarters of it and found little to enjoy so stopped.

  4. jonofwales said

    Thanks for filling in today.

    This was most definitely on the tricky side – I filled in maybe three quarters without too much ado, but then swiftly came unstuck, finishing with several not understood and a time much as expected for a Saturday reprint.

  5. Solojo said

    Pish, too tricksy by far for my liking. I limped towards the finish, but that squirelly 5d did for me in the end.

  6. Topsy said

    Ha….. I had a very busy day yesterday but intended to go back to it. Glad I didn’t bother!

  7. allan_c said

    I normally get onto Klingsor’s wavelength fairly easily, but not this time. Quite a bit of help needed and even then I didn’t get STAMEN – I was looking for either a quirky definition, or the name, of a cellist. Some nice clues, though, once I saw the parsing – LUTETIUM foe example.

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