Inquisitor 1601 Terse by Chalicea

July 9, 2019

After weeks of moaning about the wet summer we’ve been enduring, it’s now time to moan about how hot it is. While I have a shaded spot in the garden where I sometimes hide to solve the IQ, today due to the decidedly un-British weather conditions the youngest are out in the paddling pool so it is also extremely noisy. Lucky this week’s offering is by Chalicea, who is usually (always – famous last words?) on the easy side.

The title says terse, and the preamble is suitably so, extra letters from wordplay leading to an instruction.

To 1ac. A text message is an SMS, split-ups SCHISMS, so no prizes for guessing where the rest of the wordplay is going. Jot in the crossing clues – with a little help from the big red book, because I bet I wasn’t the only person who hadn’t heard of an autarky. Unfamiliar spellings to the right of the grid with KASBAH and JEHADS, but the wordplay wasn’t leading  anywhere else. A BEESKEP makes sense in retrospect, but in what was the trickiest corner of the grid I wanted it to be all sorts of other things, because I tend to try and guess the answer first and resort to wordplay second, perhaps not the best strategy with a barred grid puzzle.

The instruction? It all seemed to be going so well, but then looked like it was turning to gobbledygook, before, well, it became clear it wasn’t. COLOUR FOUR WORDS OF CALDWELL‘S PLATYPUS TELEGRAM. Google gives the following, which is indeed hidden in the grid: “MONOTREMES OVIPAROUS OVUM MEROBLASTIC”. Something to do with the beast laying eggs apparently.

The title? The aforementioned telegram is famous for being so.

Done and dusted, and presumably correct, there being no lower case i’s to trip us up this week. A bit of history of which I was blissfully unaware. So thanks to Chalicea, a welcome and enjoyable change of pace.

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  1. batarde said

    Nice to get a one-sitting IQ for a change! All highly enjoyable.

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