Inquisitor 1600 4G Network by SPINK

July 2, 2019

It doesn’t seem like that long since it was IQ 1500 and SPINK’s previous outing, but here we are again, and sadly for the last time. Kudos to the i for the tribute in the editorial and the dedication.

No doubt sharper solvers worked out what was going on today pretty quickly. What with all that talk of clashes in four cells, to be entered digitally – which I forgot until the very last moment, feeling quietly pleased on resolving them to FORTY in three cells, and XL in the fourth. I’m also guessing that better solvers than me didn’t spent too long agonising over why AXIS wouldn’t fit, it being the obvious answer to both the cryptic and definition. I never claimed to be at my best on a Saturday afternoon though.

I bet you guessed the letters to remove from the paired answers quickly too. Needless to say it took me a while to work out MDC. Roman numerals again, you see. At least the entries had the good grace to be long ones, and symmetrically placed too.

This was very much my sort of puzzle, the difficulty being in the grid fill and not any tricksy end game. Some of the clues fell easier than others, seemingly in groups. Oh, as if there was more than one setter involved. 😉 I’ll leave it to others to try and work out who wrote what, though I think we can all hazard a guess at who wrote the hardest clues.

For added entertainment value our instruction of the week is hidden in the clues, but either side of the first letter appearing from the aforementioned MDC. Jot down each in notepad, note that they don’t make sense, note that you’ve failed miserably to write down the right ones, and try again. BAR EACH OFF CONNECT WITH FOUR LINES.

That I can do, see.

Have I drawn my lines in the right place? I measured them, and I think they’re a square, if one that’s all off kilter.

Oh yes, the phrase to write under the grid. FORTY SQUARED, got to be. I checked with a calculator too.

So here’s to many more from the IQ team, even if they won’t be the same from now on, will they?

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  1. Expecting this to be a real stinker, but was of average difficulty (for me, anyway). Typically clever endgame, but found the second part of the clue ambiguous: there were a few ways to make the final square on the grid.

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