Inquisitor 1598 Eleutherian by Opsimath

June 18, 2019

A puzzle about which I find myself with little to say, but in a good way, because while this may be lighter by far than last week’s offering, it’s one I felt a lot more comfortable solving being a bear of very little brain.

So, plus points on the confidence front: Isn’t Opsimath usually straightforward? Normal, alphabetical clues.

On the negative side: We don’t know where to put the answers. Oh well, we’re doing rather well at that sort of thing recently, aren’t we?

Further plus points: Cold solving the first five clues in a row with hardly a moment of hesitation. At the close three of the nine letter clues and three of the eight all ready to go – PROCURERS, PETIT PAIN, SANDGLASS, ALPHABET –  fittingly, EQUITANT, and TAVERNER.

Lob them in. Start fitting in the other clues. Only belatedly realise it would be a good idea to cross out the ones you’ve entered. A little tussle at the close over exactly where BULL should go (a sneaky BELL just above, and yes I did get it wrong first time).

Full grid.

Pick out the letters in the numbered cells: The great emancipator.

Which are real words, another plus point, the grid’s alright, but unfortunately doesn’t mean anything. Google to the rescue. Ah, good old Abraham Lincoln.

A “famous stated preference”? No idea either, but we’ve got to change two cells and highlight his name, and that can only be done by changing BULL to BALL and ETHER to OTHER, or BULLET to BALLOT.

“To give victory to the right, not bloody bullets, but peaceful ballots only, are necessary…”

That title? According to the BRB it means “Freedom-giving”. There you go then.

Neat. Enjoyable. Done and dusted in a pretty neat time too. Huzzah. Short and sweet, but I liked it, oh yes I did.

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