i Cryptic Crossword 2607 Quixote

June 17, 2019

To Monday’s puzzle proper, and the Don with a relatively gentle accompaniment to Klingsor’s offering. The soup went in following a glance at the definition, length, and first letter, and the troublemaker at 20ac was one I’d forgotten, but elsewhere it was only 5d that I sort of remembered but wanted to be something HAMLET that caused any difficulty. A new word at 7d for some of us, but one that was entirely logical, and it’s Quixote so of course there’s at least one new word. First in a bit of a panicky 12ac (is this going to be more difficult than I’d assumed?), last in 1ac, finish time well under par for the i.

COD? With much to enjoy as ever, 13ac – “What may be exemplified by lives now under strain (7,5)”.

To March 2015:


7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2607 Quixote”

  1. batarde said

    Spookily similar to my experience: first in 12ac, red-herringed by the hamlet that wasn’t, and the troublemaker is one of those things that I know for crossword purposes, without having the faintest idea of the specifics. Probably Greek? Quixote’s unique blend of the rather thorny along with a fair few write-ins went down well today, as an appetiser for the Klingsor.

  2. dtw42 said

    All done over the breakfast table and then the staff car park before going in this morning: done by 8.50. Yes, I was very briefly looking for a hamlet too, until I wrote out the fodder in the top margin.

  3. Brakewynde said

    Had I looked at the sequence number of Thursday’s offering by Alchemi (2305) I would have realised that 2304 was missing, so it was a one-off error after all. I only remembered the solution to 5ac, so good to have the two puzzles today. A bit on the easy side, but Tuesday could be more challenging…

    Not many comments today – is everybody enthralled by the cricket?

    • jonofwales said

      I think there were problems with the comments earlier which may explain it. Unless everyone’s on cryptic overload.

  4. sprouthater said

    I wonder if the Don was once an Estate Agent because I spent about ten years going through or around 5dn on my way to work and they are the only people who would describe the home of
    Babycham like that

  5. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Nice while it lasted, which wasn’t long. But, hey, we have two today!

  6. Cornick said

    If I have an inkling about an answer I’ll often put in just the crossers in light biro – like HAMLET here in 5d; the more crossers to be confirmed, the more likely I am to be right, so all 3 of mAlLeT being the same was sheer bad luck, and got me into a right old pickle!
    Never mind, still a good puzzle.

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