i Cryptic Crossword 2603 Punk

June 12, 2019

Mid-week and no Dac but Punk instead with an offering that was as lively and enjoyable as you’d expect. A little trickier than is par for a Wednesday perhaps, but relatively gentle still. The puzzle did play to my weaknesses somewhat – a football team I’d sort of heard of, a camel I was also vaguely aware of, and a name for a wellington boot that was new but is gettable and not that far out there. I did question on solving whether a knob is really a switch, but got the idea so no complaints. Elsewhere the definition at 1d seems to be somewhat awry. Lots of long friendly clues to get the grid filled, Uncle Joe and the sizzler in particular being helpful. There’s some debate over on the other side about the parsing of 23ac, but the comments I think have it.

COD? Just because it’s such an amazing feat of engineering, 14/22 – “Fergie, heading for United game, beginning to observe gutless footy held together by idiot (7,2,4)”.

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14 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2603 Punk”

  1. dtw42 said

    All seemed fine to me 🙂
    13ac was a bit of an old chestnut, almost on a par with anagramming a carthorse.
    As Kathryn’s Dad said, an odd grid – those nearly-empty top and bottom rows make you wonder whether EDM PFY means anything.

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Thoroughly enjoyable and just the right level of challenge for me today, I felt. No quibbles or queries, and no help needed, although I did check out a certain Creole soup and a certain medical instrument. I had vaguely heard of both, but was certainly surprised by the latter, never having speculated (pardon me) about how one might be used. 😯

    A bit puzzled by the grid being nina-less. I was expecting something.

    Totally agree about Jon’s CotD.

  3. Topsy said

    I enjoyed this one for the most part but am I alone in thinking that 8a was a bit too simple?

  4. tonnelier said

    Not sure about 8a being too simple ; to me it is just plain wrong because RAW and ROAR do not sound the same. Apart from this, I found Punk’s offering extremely enjoyable, with lots of complicated but entirely fair clues, with 19 as my favourite. The grid struck me as probably unique – as always, I stand ready to be corrected!

  5. Jimbo said

    Enjoyed this one. ISTR having a hard time with Punk in the past but not this time. The eastern side fell in good time but I did need a bit of a cheat at 1a to kickstart and then complete. Ticks for 11 and 22.

    Nina hunting… EDM across the top could be Electronic Dance Music. PFY, no idea.

  6. sprouthater said

    Thank goodness there were a couple of write ins otherwise I would of had nothing after reading the across clues. Downs were more fruitful with 4 and 8 going in with some certainty even though I hadn’t completely parsed them. Alt for Key and Bic for Pen seems to be very popular at the moment.

  7. Cornick said

    I don’t think Punk is capable of being anything less than excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed and no complaints or intractable difficulties. My only knowledge gap was in 24a – are solvers really expected to know the names of the 3 Stooges nearly a century after they formed? Initially I thought the clue might have been talking about Iggy Pop!

  8. batarde said

    My only complaint about this superb puzzle is that it didn’t last long enough. Strangely for me, the football clue was particularly pleasing, but it was a real treat today all round.

  9. allan_c said

    Almost all correct – in 3dn I got fixated on the definition being the primate and therefore ‘baboon’ – no wonder I couldn’t parse it. Otherwise all pretty plain sailing although 15ac was a bit tricky, but at least I resisted the temptation to bung in ‘scalpel’ without reading the clue properly. And I liked 16/5 – another of these sonorously-named Scottish teams which enliven crosswords from time to time.

  10. Solojo said

    Top fun. Felt quite pleased with myself having completed it – now feeling pretty dense: challenge for today = working out in what accent RAW & ROAR aren’t homophones.. There are probably stacks but I can’t pull a single one out of my gloopy Kentish brain this morning.

  11. Topsy said

    Hate to say this chaps but up here in Yorkshire those two words are homophones!

    • Cornick said

      In my house in Cornwall they’re homophones too, but I’m pretty sure my next-door neighbours would put a burr-like R on the end of one of them.

  12. sprouthater said

    Where I was brought up in leafy west London, where we take a barth and walk on a parth, they ain’t homophones and for added confirmation Bradford’s doesn’t include them in its list of Homs.

    • Steve-l said

      Still struggling to pronounce raw and roar in a way that they are not homophones. Never used Bradford”s but in Bradford they definately are.

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