Inquisitor 1597 To the Four Corners… by Wan

June 11, 2019

To the four corners being several stages in the solving process at which I thought I would have been better off giving up. Because yes, it was that sort of puzzle, one where it became apparent very quickly that this was well out of my league.

1. By the close of Saturday afternoon which was one of those currently rare things – a nice day to be out in the garden with the crossword. The only problem being that the crossword in question was particularly intransigent, with only a couple of clues in the NE corner deigning to fall. Forget missing points in eight clues, we’re missing copious.

2. By the end of the night of the same day, when let’s say half had fallen. Among them was BILBO, which the optimist in me hoped might be one of the travellers. But no, no Frodo or Gandalf to be found elsewhere.

At which point far more time than would normally be spent on the IQ has passed with the puzzle far from finished. A small sensible voice says give it up.

3. Sunday night. Sheer bloody-mindedness kicks in and… Full grid, though with loads un-parsed. HATE, obviously, but why? Ditto ANORAK, TOEPOKE, and SETA, and I could go on.

A long stare at the grid and clues later. The description of the travellers is evidently in the clues themselves and not the grid, unless east of them is going to veer far off to the right.

24 hours later…

FRIENDLY FLOATEES, picking letters to the left and right of the missing points in those clues, down, and then up. Don’t ask how much in the way of blood, sweat and tears was shed finding those clues. I’ve not heard of the friendly ones either, but Google has. An amusing incident with a cargo ship later, and 29,000 bath toys go on a slightly longer trip than anticipated…

Wrap this up quickly then, and feet up with a cup of tea? Well, no, because the rest of the preamble at this point is clear as mud.

Another 24 hours later…

OK, there’s the name of the ship in the middle of the grid. Highlight it. Change MADE to FADE, and NO-NO to NONE and we’ve got BEAVERS to the NE, FROGS to the SW, as well as DUCKS to the SE and TURTLES to the NW. After fixing a couple of cock-ups here, there and, well, everywhere. Out with the yellow, green, blue and neon pink (does that count as red?), and… How is NONE FADE supposed to “give guidance for submission purposes”? I don’t know. I’ve probably got it wrong.

Despair sets in again.

The symmetrical partners that we’ve got to change? Many hours later and again the urge to chuck it all in… It’s entries, and not letters. So BATH and not HATE, and TOYS to the SE. (Sssh, I can’t remember the original entry).

Done. Apart from that doubt regarding the guidance bit.

And I didn’t throw the towel in, though it was a close thing throughout. I’m rather hoping that’s about as hard as they get, because my brain hurts. Or did everybody else find it rather easy?


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  1. Cornick said

    Bloomin’ impressive frankly.
    I may not often do them, but I do enjoy reading your battle journals.

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