i Cryptic Crossword 2601 Kairos

June 10, 2019

I guessed wrongly that this was an IoS reprint, albeit one that was a little tougher than they sometimes can be. As it turns out this was an enjoyable Monday reprint which was always a day in the Indy that could be a little tougher than expected. To be fair there was just the one unknown, albeit quite a whopping great big one with a tricky last bit of wordplay at 15d, but more than a few elsewhere went in without full understanding of what was going on – 1ac, 11ac, 7d, and 17d being the chief suspects. A tussle at the close in the NE corner and a fixation on how I could possibly shoehorn HARP into 8d also didn’t help matters. A serious case of overthinking things. Time at the close perhaps about par for the i.

COD? I’ll go with the aforementioned 8d – “Tone down sound of Welshman’s musical instrument (6)”.

To February 2015:



10 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2601 Kairos”

  1. Solojo said

    Liked your COD. Lots to like here, actually. But I was defeated by the teabag. And why is SPOON court?

    • Juliej said

      To spoon is to kiss and cuddle which you might do when courting I suppose

      • Solojo said

        I suppose so then.. My understanding of spooning’s a little different. If someone tried that on a date with me they’d get a black eye. Or worse. 🤪

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    I found it difficult to tune into Kairos’s wavelength, but once I had done so, most of the clues were fair and gettable – with two exceptions in my case: TEA BAG and SNOOPERS, where the word-play eluded me in both clues.

  3. batarde said

    Bit of a mixed bag – Kairos and I got off on the wrong foot straight away with 1ac, a clue which will have displeased quite a few people no doubt. 7d is pretty ropey, cluing the first word twice in a particularly smarty-pants sort of way, but not bothering with the second one at all. However, some nice little compensations elsewhere, like 14ac and 17d, so it was diverting enough all told.

  4. Topsy said

    I am not systematic at all so I scampered around the grid, popping in answers, sometimes without knowing why, and thinking that I rather liked it. However, I came unstuck with one or two and I thought 18d was just plain silly because it was so obvious!

  5. sprouthater said

    Found this a bit of a slog with some clues that were a bit too clever, 8dn, 17dn and 10ac the only clues I found really enjoyable.

  6. dtw42 said

    Like Topsy, I tend to dart about the grid – unless I am in a particularly rigorous state of mind. I had all but two filled in quite happily (I rather liked 7dn as it happens, but then I do like a cuppa) and in decent time. The two that eluded me for ages (and were therefore last in) were 1dn and then 1ac. Should’ve got 1dn, that’s on me; 1ac on the other hand … pfft. Surely a git is an objectionable person, and a wally is merely a dopey one?

  7. Cornick said

    Like Topsy & dtw I tend to dart around the grid – but only if you’re allowed to dart ‘largo’.
    Didn’t know about the Russian Caravan, though I suspected it, and I confess to going to the dictionary for ‘Vade something-or-other’ at 16d. The dictionary definition of a handbook seems a bit inadequate, frankly, so here are some examples of where a vade mecum might be found:
    ‘A moneylender may have had to carry a book of interest tables, a doctor a book of treatments, and so on. A vade mecum was often folded like an accordion or a map and suspended from the belt or girdle’.
    So, pre internet then.

  8. allan_c said

    I needed two sessions for this but got it all. I must have had a subconscious memory of doing it before as I got WING IT, TEA BAG and TWISTS without help, whereas they were what gave me trouble back in 2015, as I commented on 15^2 at the time.

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