i Cryptic Crossword 2599 Daedalus

June 7, 2019

The second puzzle from this setter and again an IoS reprint which is a bit further up the difficulty scale than is normal for the IoS. I instantly took a dislike to it with the first two clues featuring heroin but neither required any knowledge of slang terms, but both required all the checking letters before solving as did quite a lot of the others. Fortunately the grid provided plenty of them and there were enough entries after the first pass to take a good stab at most of the rest. 9dn – is that really a word, and 11ac, where does the REE come from – were prime examples, as were 3dn, 14dn which only went in with a bit of outside assistance, and 18dn where I thought the cryptic part fine but “Peevish type of politics” is not really how I would describe it. All the above along with the schoolboy humour at 15ac and 16dn provided a mixed bag which for the most part I enjoyed unlike Pierre over on Fifteensquared who wasn’t very happy with it at all.

I have quite a few ticked but they are manly for the clues that went in on the first pass. The COD needed a couple in before I got it:

10ac  Plenty of time is lost or reserved (5)


7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2599 Daedalus”

  1. Cornick said

    All perfectly agreeable with me except for that bird – a ree? really? and I haven’t yet come to accept ‘caught’ as a homophone indicator. I’m still holding out hope it doesn’t catch on.

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    I think I would echo Sprouthater’s reservations about this.

    I could not parse TO A DEGREE (could anyone?) YAH-BOO or OPERA-GOER; looking on Fifteensquared I can see that the last one is fairly clued, but as to the first two…

    On the other hand, I liked BEARDLESS, and I thought TRAFALGAR was an elegantly constructed and impressive clue, despite its slightly puerile element.

  3. dtw42 said

    Horses for courses, eh?

    When I finished, I wasn’t sure what I thought of this one – as others have said, some very good, some distinctly iffy.
    I parsed YAH-BOO okay, and TOAD+E.G.+REE correctly but just assuming REE was some sort of bird without bothering to look it up (stop-press: Skirwingle’s not heard of obscure/obsolete bird); but couldn’t unpick the AGO bit of OPERA-GOER. TRAFALGAR was last in, and unparsed. BEARDLESS I liked (got a ‘haha’ next to the clue) & parsed as per gwep’s comment.
    However, I agreed with those who felt 5ac didn’t quite work. I think this was the first time I’d encountered ‘caught’ as a homophone indicator.

  4. jonofwales said

    A little trickier than most IoS reprints but thoroughly enjoyable I thought. The parsing of 3d passed me by but everything else seemed fine. I particularly liked 16d, 15ac, 5ac and 8d. 😀

  5. batarde said

    All a bit sixth form if you ask me, but that’s not to say that there weren’t some flashes of excellence like 8 and 16d. Yes, I knew “ree”, and I bet Jon did too. Whether it has any business appearing in a blocked daily puzzle is moot, however. Re 5 ac, the conflation of László Bíró and Marcel Bich is just not on, and probably actionable. Anyway, a mixture of tasty and whiffy bits in this egg.

    • jonofwales said

      All those misspent hours spent with Azed and the BRB come in useful sometimes. 😉

  6. Solojo said

    Was quite relieved to be proved wrong in the parsing of 24A. I’m neither a prude nor a rampant royalist, but suggesting Her Madge used to be ‘a goer’ seemed a little dodgy. (In my defence, I’d just sorted out 15A.)

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