Inquisitor 1596 Double-Act by Lato

June 4, 2019

A new closing date and time for entries, the very specific 10AM, as if the post arrives before lunchtime anyway. Perhaps the i get express delivery.

Lots going on in the preamble, too much for me on a Saturday let’s just say. Two groups of thematic clues, and then blah blah blah being all that sank in first and second time round. The other clues, misprints in the definition (though I missed the definition bit first time round too), spelling out what the thematic groups are all about. Misprints I can cope with.

In feet first, dozing gently in the unexpected sunshine, unexpected because it’s another bank holiday weekend, and was I the only person to feel slightly alarmed on realising that it’s an absolute age until we get another one?

First in? That would be the URL, swiftly followed by TEREFA upon finally locating the anagram fodder. And then a gentle meander through the clues we did have, because all those thematic ones are frankly a pain in the bottom giving a distinct lack of checking letters, which no doubt is exactly how Lato planned it.

Those thematic thingummybobs. One lot defined by superfluous word(s) in eight clues. Those I can find, oh yes I can. An OBOE being an instrument but not a jazz one in particular, and while a husband and wife might reproduce, they don’t in this context.

Except Geography… On the one hand I did know the German city, but only because of the ice cream. But it took a whole 24 hours to work out that RIPON isn’t in fact anywhere near Wales despite my own geographical location. “Oh, I didn’t know that,” being my only remark on solving. DALES, not Wales, you dolt.

Ah yes, thematic entries. Well, about half are obviously fictional detectives. MORSE, FROST, HUNT, etc. And, oh yes, FOYLE too, but we’ll come back to him later.

The other lot, defined by those superfluous words? RAGTIME, HURTLE, ANGER, etc. Though if it took you an age at 15ac to spot the misprint and work out that it was LARA Croft, then the tricky alternatives of TREDDLES or TREADLES were a bit of a bugger to say the least.

Misprints. Well, I spotted GOOD COP… pretty quickly, but BAD COP too? That took another 48 hours because… I had DOES as ROES (the animal you see) rather than ROBS. And, well, the Yorkshire / Wales debacle. But get there I did.

The one to highlight? Having worked out first that FOYLE was another fictional detective, and only much later “Ed’s defeat”, obviously him. But why? And what’s the correct answer for HOL.? I’ve got HOLT based on a pretty desperate Google search, but I’m about 99.9% it’s wrong. Lucky I don’t send the things in.

A long time later… Why BAD COP? Anagrams. The other thematic entries are all anagrams of fictional detectives. MAIGRET, LUTHER, REGAN, etc. And FOYLE? That’s an anagram of FOLEY, the bloke from Beverly Hills Cop and all its sequels, and lo and behold there’s confirmation at 5d and 24d.


I still think my grid’s incorrect mind, regarding HOLT, but… That’ll have to do because get no further I will not.

All very clever and well put together, mind. All too clever for me by half, I suspect, but… Thanks Lato and Nimrod for a decent bank holiday challenge that kept me guessing until the last.


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  1. jonofwales said

    HOLE, not HOLT. 🙂

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