Inquisitor 1595 Invalid Care by Phi

May 29, 2019

Invalid Care? Race, innit?

Well, no, nul points again Jon. Something a lot subtler than that. Hot and cold, ice and fire, and no I’m guessing not Game of Thrones either. But because of the latter any Inquisitor solving is delayed, because… spoilers.

And, oh, Eurovision, too. Solving time therefore being somewhat thin on the ground.

Luckily this week we have bars, and a whole raft of clues which look like they’ll be sort of normalish with a little tweak here and there. Don’t mention the thematic clues, though, or that red herring. I’ve fallen for one or two of those recently.

But that grid fill. Well, adding or subtracting letters from the clues took a little time to get used to, but get used to it I did, with a little backwards engineering here and there. And no, no matter how hard you stare at it DOG TAG or variants thereof just isn’t a satisfactory substitute for NAME TAG. SULU it transpires isn’t just a Star Trek character. And so on, with just the far SW corner obstinately lacking in entries. The two across ones in the far bottom left in particular.

Twenty four hours following the UK’s particularly dire showing, only made more palatable by Madge’s equally mediocre performance…

To the thematic clues in the vain hope they will help. Which are really two clues in one without definition, letters moved across to make up the entries. And a red herring. But again, we don’t like to talk about red herrings. And there’s one in French…

A first guess based on the race theory above gave me BRITISH and an anagram of IRISH to the NE, but well, that didn’t work.

So look again, this time trying to actually solve the clues rather than guessing based on checking letters. And, you know what, it worked out alright. Here’s what I ended up with:

cool cabin -> cobol cain
trench icy -> tench ricy
lassa biting -> lass baiting
chill passion -> chilli pass on
raw spring -> rawn sprig
spotted nippy -> potted snippy

Things cold, you see, or fevers.

And no, my French wasn’t up to it, but that looks like a complete set of thematic entries, giving enough checking letters to complete the grid. Huzzah.

Another twenty four hours later, and there remains a nagging doubt. I think the French one is the poisson rouge, but if it’s not, then I’ve fallen for it hook line and sinker. Except I can’t parse it.

It’s supposed to help confirm the amendments we made to the thematic entries. What letters did we move? They would be BRAINS, and presumably not of the SA variety.

So “Nous” is “brains, intellect”? Initialement obviously gives us the first letter of the preceding word, but what does baignoires mean, and bains for that matter? Well, Google Translate let me down with the former first go, giving tubs, but it turns out they both mean “baths”. So B(R)AINS.


No red herrings fallen for.

Famous last words…

(And no, I never did get to the bottom of that title).

Well, I thought that was enjoyable, and pretty straightforward too, even if solving over several days makes that difficult to gauge. Here’s a grid that most definitely isn’t supposed to be coloured blue.

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