i Cryptic Crossword 2591 Dac

May 29, 2019

After yesterday’s travails something fairly straightforward from Dac, with only 11ac and 10ac likely to cause difficulty. I didn’t know either but managed to drag up the appropriate writer to get the former, but didn’t know the poet referenced in the latter so had to resort to a word search. It’s odd for Dac to have such unknowns in the grid, and I do half wonder if there’s some kind of Nina going on what with BOYS down the far right hand column, but maybe it’s just nothing.

Elsewhere progress was rapid, with only a little pause for thought to wonder if 14ac was correct, and on the spelling of 17ac. As well clued as always, of course, but that goes without saying. There’s some debate on the other side about trip as an anagram indicator, and I must admit to wondering the same myself, but I think it does just about work.

First in 18d (a case of opening the paper and spotting an easy clue straight off) which I then proceeded to write in the wrong place before realising that 16d was too long, last in the aforementioned musical style. Strictly speaking a DNF but time half par for the i, for what it’s worth.

COD? Lots to like of course, and lots that’s very clever, but 7ac is a lovely little clue that exemplifies for me how Dac makes this setting lark look so easy – “Comeback of great British singer/songwriter (4)”.

Back to February 2015 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2591 Dac”

  1. sprouthater said

    Much the same with 10 and 11 being the last in and only getting them with a word search as for the COD it’s wrong on so many levels as Kenny Everett said ” the Bee Gees grate don’t they”😁 made me laugh anyway I’d have gone for 1ac far less controversial.

  2. Cornick said

    Very similar here. A virtual read-and-write solve until 10a. I knew neither the poet nor the musical style so fell foul of the Arachne principle. I do sort of know the nine muses, so 11a was okay though.
    7a was my favourite too.

  3. batarde said

    I thought it was a little lacklustre, but that’s by Dac’s standards and therefore not much of a criticism. Hasn’t the poet appeared recently? Anyway, no hold ups today and a quicker than average Wednesday puzzle for me.

  4. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    A pleasant enough solve; a little undemanding, but after yesterday’s torment a little relief was fine. As with the contributors above, only 10 and 11 caused me any real trouble. I wholeheartedly concur with Cornick -an obscure poet and an obscure musical term for clue and solution seems unfair. In fairness, this is rare for Day.

  5. dtw42 said

    Okay, I’d got all but three filled in before getting in to work this morning; those three were 7ac, 7dn and 10ac. Finally got a chance to glance back at the grid around 4.30, at which point 7dn fell, then 7ac with a bit of a “tsk” (sorry), then 10ac – I *was* vaguely aware of the existence of both terms referenced in that clue (enough to put it in confidently once all the crossers were in, but not familiar enough to have spotted it earlier).

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