Inquisitor 1592 Clue Two IV by eXternal

May 8, 2019

And didn’t that feel like GAME OVER for a while? After a couple of weeks of relatively gentle puzzles the IQ bites back with winding entries. I’ve not come across winding entries before. Clashes too, lots of little letters in little cells being somewhat of a challenge with a blunt pencil and steadily blunting (is there such a thing?) eyesight.

No problems, we’ll start with the straight entries and use them as a baseline. If only they were a little more solvable. The female performer being the first in, or at least it would have been if it fitted. That’s what that answer length thingy at the end of the preamble was getting at, then. Don’t ever accuse me of understanding the preamble first time through. PIERRETTE. What to do with the extra letters (surely this is a little more than a clash?) Chuck them in the first cell and hope for the best. The two downs I’m not up to solving either. I know, you spent much of the bank holiday week by the pool with a drink too, or in the adjacent bar. And, OK, a windy beach. 😉

Armed with the knowledge though that loads won’t fit, in goes PACKETED and the mysteriously spelt CLYSTERS.

Suspicions begin to arise. A PAC up to the NW. Thematic letters that might need “collection”. PAC-MAN, surely? But I don’t know any characters from that game, if it is that game, so back to solving…

The winding clues thankfully are a little more forthcoming, even if where they wind is a mystery. If something’s in need of some lube it might be SQUEAKY. The sci-fi film is obviously ALIENS.

Start chucking them in, it being like a jigsaw but an oddly shaped one.

Night time closes in fast, with an interruption for Game of Thrones. Sssh, no spoilers, I’m almost there.

Half an eye on a film…

Stuck as to exactly where ALIENS and ONE LINERS are to go. Or what’s across much of the centre. Until… Only the five cells with clashes. DERIG crossing CLYSTERS. CLYDE sounds like a name. Who’s that then? Only one of the ghosts in the aforementioned game. Who knew that they had names? Well, eXternal obviously. What were the other ones? PINKY, BLINKY and INKY. Add PAC-MAN himself to the mix, and bingo, there are our clashes.

Armed with this knowledge, it is indeed… GAME OVER. Yep, I don’t know what the optimal route through the grid is, but I can sort out anagrams given a random looking bunch of letters. Do we need to erase the O’s from the grid? The preamble says “which would collect”, so I don’t think so. I don’t send ’em in, anyway, so it’s not like anyone’s going to notice, is it?

Phew. That was the XXXX strength offering to make up for a few easier weeks, then. But thoroughly satisfying as expected from our man eXternal.

Did you know that if you Google Pac-Man there’s a playable version of the game as a Google Doodle? Neither did I. Excuse me for a while… In the meantime here’s a dimly lit photo of the grid. I did mean to take another one in a better light, but well…


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