i Cryptic Crossword 2573 Dac

May 8, 2019

Dac’s back with the usual high quality puzzle – smooth surfaces, always interesting wordplay, never anything to quibble with. Which could be copied and pasted each work because his crosswords are so consistently good. This week we have an author and linked work which I don’t remember seeing Dac doing before, but everything else is as per. 2d doesn’t appear to be in Chambers but is clear as day, so no issues there.

John back in the day found this to be on the easy side, though I must admit to taking a little longer than anticipated. Perhaps solving with half a mind on the job didn’t help.

First in 24ac, last in 1ac which did give me a little pause for thought, perhaps because I got too hung up early on by SS for ship.

COD? With lots to like as ever, I’ll go with the aforementioned 2d – “Robbers officially prohibited you say? It can go either way (8)”.

To January 2015 when the i was apparently still 30p.



7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2573 Dac”

  1. Cornick said

    I must have been rushing over breakfast, or still half asleep, because I put in ******RY for that COD to start with, which then got me into a pretty pickle with the crossing footballer… Never mind, all sorted out with a nice reminder of Mr MacLean and the first of his books to have come my way – back when Adam was a lad.

  2. Topsy said

    I think my brain remained asleep today because I failed miserably with this one. Never mind, I look forward to the joys of the Thursday offering ;D

  3. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    A nice, steady workout today as per usual with Dac. I got the book (which I recall as a film from years ago; I don’t think I ever picked up the book) from the anagram very early on and the author was then a write-in, which was very helpful. Last two in were the crossing robbers and the footballer. All very enjoyable. No quibbles or queries.

  4. sprouthater said

    Bit of a struggle to get started but once the linked author and his book were in it all followed smoothly, I even knew the football one🤯. 1ac and 2dn were the last to fall, liked 26ac a word that should be used more.

  5. batarde said

    Spiffy. I suspect the book in question is one of the few of his I never got round to, but that was a long time ago. 2d is in my Chambers, but since “The Mysteries of Udolpho” is crawling with them that didn’t need checking – my taste in reading matter having changed a bit.

  6. dtw42 said

    Anticipating (correctly) a busy day at work, I allowed myself to pay attention to this over breakfast. All very pleasant and fairly quickly resolved. Last in for me were 2dn and then 1ac. Didn’t get the parsing of 8dn but bunged it in anyway.

  7. allan_c said

    Yes, I got the book first, then the author – although I needed a crosser to check if it was Alistair or Alastair. I first encountered the book many years ago when it was the Book at Bedtime on Radio 4; the film, when I saw it, was a bit tacky – in one scene the snowdrifts appeared to be made of cardboard and vibrated when anyone walked past.
    Plenty more to enjoy in this crossword, too, as one expects from the late and much missed Dac. I liked MATRIMONIAL and POPINJAY, among others, for their surfaces.

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