i Cryptic Crossword 2565 Quixote

April 29, 2019

Perhaps I’m just a little dazed and confused on being asked to get up early and return to work this morning, but I found this to be a bit trickier than expected for Quixote. To be fair the majority went in without too much ado, but then I just couldn’t see 7d or 10ac to the NE, 25ac to the SE, and the bell ringer across the middle, all of which took much of the solving time. The latter reminds me, BTW, of the hilarity caused once during a game of Trivial Pursuit when, upon being asked what a 15ac was, I answered that I didn’t know but that it rang a bell. I never did get it. As for today’s puzzle, I did, eventually, though with a time about par for the i and much higher than expected for the Don. New words learnt? I did know 10ac, as it turns out, but not 9ac or 11d, though I do wonder if the latter is also known as a Fool’s…

COD? I’ll go with the aforementioned 11d – “Manoeuvre of chess to alarm! (8,4)”.

To December 2014 and the sort of comprehensive blog from duncanshiell that we all aspire to:


5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2565 Quixote”

  1. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Not so much trickier than your average Quixote – I found it all very solveable – but one which unusually for him had me having to check out a lot of potential/probable answers. For example, is NEPOTIC actually a word? And is SCHOLAR’S MATE a thing in chess? And how does GLANCE meet the definition? I don’t really mind this sort of thing too much where it expands my knowledge, so long as answers are fairly clued and the crossing letters give sufficient aid. And they did in this case.

    RADIALLY eluded me for a while, and was my last one in.

    As a 15A myself, this made me smile…

  2. Cornick said

    Bother. I thought that 27a said ‘no charge’ and put in ‘released’. Must get some glasses!
    Also mystified by the definition of 1d, though it had to be.
    Otherwise highly enjoyable, even if it did take a while for the penny to drop with that bell ringer.

  3. batarde said

    A very quick start but a far more measured finish, and decidedly trickier in the bottom half. That meaning of 1d was new to me, but is probably one worth filing away for future reference just in case. Scholar’s Mate is indeed a thing and not the same as Fool’s Mate – falling victim to it is just as ignominious though. Don’t ask me how I know this. That was my COD too, but 27ac was a close runner-up which held out to the bitter end.

  4. sprouthater said

    Just got round to finishing this and a few seemed a bit chewier than normal, just noticed that I have 23dn wrong, not come across bunk for rubbish before so bunged in junk even though I couldn’t parse it , couldn’t parse 1dn either but got that right oh well.

  5. Several unknown words made this less than enjoyable. 1) Another word for the mineral galena; 2) an adjectival form of the word nepotism; and 3) A legal term to do with a deed that transfers things back.

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