i Cryptic Crossword 2563 Monk

April 26, 2019

After yesterdays pleasant stroll through the gentle pastures of crossword land Monk today takes us to the cruciverbal equivalent of mountain climbing, well that’s how I saw it. After solving 1ac it all became steadily harder and it was only after sorting out the two long anagrams, 9ac and 23ac that things started to fall into place and even then answers were going in by definition only as some of the wordplay was just a bit too torturous or just unknown as in 8dn Norma a constellation and 4ac where I could only think of Bonzer, if only I had spotted the clever link between all the across clues but I didn’t so it was out with the word finder for the last few.

While nothing here is particularly obscure, 4ac maybe the exception if you are not up on your Australian slang, the clues take a fair bit of unravelling but give a lot of satisfaction once you have and just in case you haven’t there is always the Fifteensquared blog where Bertandjoyce explain it all except for the COD 5dn

Tough guy possibly viewed as a female? (4,3)

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  1. Wanderlust said

    Struggled with 1D, 5D, and 21A even though they went in without fully understanding the clue. Slightly annoyed TBH.

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Completed in a little over an hour which is about par for me. But I needed a great deal of electronic help, partly to check on queries (like: is Norma a constellation?) which I don’t mind, and partly to trawl through lists of possible answers which I do mind because it severely diminishes the satisfaction I get from completing it.

    No real quibbles about the wordplay or definitions (once I had checked on Fiftednsquared) but it was all jolly hard work.

  3. Barrie Cooper said

    This took me a lot longer than usual and is definitely the hardest of the week. I ended up with question marks against 10, 12, 21, 23, 1d, 2d, and 5. Fifteensquared invaluable with this puzzle, and at least I now understand what was meant even if I’m not entirely happy with some of Monk’s trickery! 21 and 1d are still unconvincing to me.
    Still, it was very enjoyable – totally missed the first-and-last-letter thing

  4. Cornick said

    Hardest of the week by a mile!
    Tortuous, at times torturous and occasionally brilliant – definitely one for a day with a lot more time – like Saturday maybe?
    Used a word finder on and off from about half way through, so too rich for my blood – today at least.

  5. batarde said

    Far and away the most satisfying crossword this week. Much head scratching and brow furrowing here – but no outside assistance electronic or otherwise required, just a dogged refusal to let the Monk beat me. Unexpectedly I have become a fan of this setter, and lord knows he used to irritate me something rotten. The COD feels vaguely familiar, but all the same it would be my pick too.

    Just to add to my contentment, I note that The Voice Of The People has been roused to anger again on the other side, because it was all too cryptic for him or her. Diddums. 🙂

  6. dtw42 said

    Solved four and gave up.

    • dtw42 said

      edit: revisited this over dinner, and have now got about half of it in. Not reached an “enjoying it” epiphany yet though. (Studiously avoiding reading any of the other comments in case there are hints)

  7. Barrie Cooper said

    Please, what is “the other side” where The Voice of the People seemingly dwells?

    • Michaelatcobblerscottage said

      It’s the Fifteensquared blog – link above. The Tortouse VM often contributes there, on the day of publication in the i, but never contributes here.

      • jonofwales said

        I sometimes wonder if he / she is one of the small band of would-be contributors I haven’t approved here because of the negative nature of their comments.

      • batarde said

        Quite so: there’s an undercurrent of real nastiness to those comments which often include attacks on the setter, editor, newspaper and anybody who actually enjoyed the offending puzzle. It seems out of place when the matter in hand is so trivial.

  8. dtw42 said

    Finally finished. Well, glad some of you found that enjoyable.
    CAN does NOT = “to be able to”. No wonder I couldn’t parse 1ac.
    Couldn’t parse 12ac either (that and 3dn were my last ones in).
    21ac seems a bit meh.
    Oh well.

  9. jonofwales said

    A week of doing little has evidently done me the world of good because I completed this in what felt like a very good time for a prize puzzle reprint, and one by Monk at that. OK, loads went in not fully understood, but I was pleased to get there after a very slow start. Question marks here, there and everywhere, in particular “Norma”.

    Thanks again to all for covering while I was away this week.

  10. New word of the day: “unstable; unsteady.
    Physics . having no tendency to take a definite position or direction.”

  11. Topsy said

    Once again, too S A for me! I found 6d particularly irritating because I always hyphenate that word. Ah well 😦

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