Inquisitor 1590 My Pet Project by Kruger

April 24, 2019

More cats? Surely not.

What there are though are misprints. In most of the clues it says but the first couple I got didn’t have any. Call me contrary. Lots of unclued entries too which always means fun and games. All those greyed out squares, which are treated somehow apparently, ergo a lot less help from checking letters.

Oh look, thematic clues under the grid. Definition only. If only Radian’s sleuth themed puzzle had been scheduled earlier, well, then I might have thought of SLEUTH earlier. But that comes later.

First the grid. We use an ABACUS to tot and not tow. Yes, for once 1ac being a suitably friendly introduction to the solve. A CAMPUS is somewhere students live occasionally and nothing to do with a book. KIA ORA reminds me of a drink for some reason, perhaps rightly so, as it’s some kind of toast I’ve not heard of or can’t remember either. Old kings tend to be KNUT in this game.

The grid fill was alright, wasn’t it? No idea about those thematic entries though, and word searches aren’t helping even with the handy list of unchecked letters. Though spotting THIS OLD MAN CAME ROLLING HOME quickly as the result of the misprints did help. A rhyme even I know.

Give a dog a bone. Something to do with bones. That pirate. I guessed pretty early the pirate was something-hook, because of the H, an O and K, see, I’m not completely out for the count on a Saturday. What if he’s just HOOK of Pan fame? With a TALUS in the middle which is indeed a bone.

Job done. Find some handy synonyms of the unclued entries. Lob a bone in the centre, and ones surprisingly I’d heard of – I dropped biology as soon as I could, being squeamish. Still, the only one that surprised me was COSTA.

So, no cats, but dogs. Or rather something to do with a dog. Finished, enjoyed. Another one that was comfortably within my difficulty range – that can’t continue. Ducks.

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