i Cryptic Crossword 2537 Dac

March 27, 2019

The usual Wednesday goodness, though was I alone in finding this a little more difficult than usual? Which is to say that usually I can solve Dac with half a mind on something else, whereas today it took all my concentration and a coffee to complete. Blame the Frenchman, my inability to spell 13ac coupled with a, to be quite frank, extremely obscure American town, and my ignorance regarding imperial measurements. The first was resolved using a little common sense, the latter because what else could it be, and the middle one with the help of a dictionary. As I have the BRB on my phone, though, this wasn’t much of a bind.

Lots to enjoy – 17d, 15ac and 7d were all worthy of praise (but let’s face it, most of Dac’s clues are worthy of praise), with my COD going to 14d – “Drowned by Rolling Stones, female with piano accompaniment offers Rocket Man? (10)”.

To December 2014 when I’m sure the weather couldn’t have been more different:


11 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2537 Dac”

  1. Cornick said

    Definitely agreed on this being a stiff challenge; started thinking it might be one to cruise through, but soon realised a lot more concentration would be required.
    I think US state capitals are fair game for GK, but Boise is admittedly a less well known one. That among several beautifully constructed clues today.
    19d reminded me of possibly my favourite ever clue in the i, from Morph: ‘The three Rs expressed correctly in African country’.

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    The usual delightfulness from Dac, although I concur it was definitely not a walk in the park.
    No quibbles from me, apart from the loose use of Imperial measurements; it is unusual for Dac to be so imprecise. I did not know FLOE as a plant, although there was no doubt what it should be.

    I struggled to parse NONESUCH, my last one in. Once I had the crossers I guessed the answer. I had the H for hospital and assumed that “individual” indicated “one”. This left me wondering how N and SUC could be derived from “London”. Then I remembered that my son was born at UCH and that I had thought of Nones when I ran the eight monastic offices through my mind to see if they answered 7D (they didn’t).

    Satisfying and enjoyable.

    • Cornick said

      Aloe, as in Aloe vera, I think. Unusual to see ‘regularly neglected’ meaning remove odd rather than even letters…

  3. batarde said

    One of Dac’s best, in my opinion. Ask me to point to Idaho on a map and that would be a problem; in fact the only things I know about the state are that city, and potatoes. Thoroughly enjoyable throughout with 11 and 24 going down particularly well in addition to the COD. I see nothing whatsoever wrong with the former, by the way.

  4. sprouthater said

    I got hung up in the SW corner, never thought of a wand as a symbol of authority and the “part of Africa” had me thinking of the
    Serengeti or Rift valley rather than a country.

  5. Wanderlust said

    Thoroughly enjoyable although I stared at my LOI 11d for a good 10 minutes before the light bulb finally came on.
    The rest was a joy.

  6. No idea how to parse 11d. Over six pounds = c ounces. Would never have got that!

  7. Jimbo said

    Tough compared to recent Dacs but enjoyable and a good workout. A very slow start with only 6, 17 and 23 falling on first parse. Several times I thought I was completely stuck but kept chipping away and eventually the others fell. Needed help with 4 and 21 with LOI 11 a bit of a groaner.

  8. Cryptic King said

    Easy that one Stephenson stones is mixed up in there + p for piano and female is hen All about a train really Happy Days

  9. dtw42 said

    I had the NW and SE corners in along with a couple of others, and then came to a grinding halt with about half of it unsolved. Came here, despondent, saw you lot bandying about words like “enjoyable” and “delightful” and “joy”, and slunk away to hack at it a bit further (helped by having seen the mention of BOISE). Eventually got there, but sorry, that was more of a slog for me: perhaps I’m having an off day. Agreed with sprouthater’s specific notes.
    1dn was nice, though.

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