i Cryptic Crossword 2521 Morph

March 8, 2019

We haven’t had a puzzle by Morph for some time, so I was a bit unsure of what to expect but I need not have worried too much as this proved fairly accessible. There are some grumbles over on Fifteensquared where the bloggers Bertandjoyce don’t particularly like 1ac and 7dn which, while not exactly write-ins were getable once a few checking letters were in and seemed reasonable enough to me. My main parsing queries were with 4dn, a distillery I haven’t heard of, and 15dn. I wasn’t aware that “Math” was restricted to the USA as I’ve heard it used often enough here. The main stumbling block though was 18ac – was I the only one to confidently enter Rude? (although it could have been Rued) and then fail to solve 7dn until realization dawned?

Overall I quite enjoyed this puzzle but nothing remarkable stands out so for COD so I’ll go with 14ac

Pirate might have one each of these with which to make fast (4,3,3)


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  1. Barrie Cooper said

    Bertandjoyce’s comments seem to me rather joyless nitpicking. I gave 1a a big tick, and also chuckled happily at 7d. The whole puzzle was just a lot of fun, surely, with only 15d maybe just a bit dodgy.

    I suppose the Knockando reference is a bit obscure, but it wasn’t difficult to work out. 9a conjured up a lovely image of an overfed kite, and HARRUMPH is always an enjoyable word to write in .I can’t see a problem with ROUX – the clue has regret, not regretted.

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Another one here who havered over entering RUED or RUDE, putting the former in lightly until the Y of HOOK AND EYE made me rethink; the one slightly weak clue, in my opinion. Everything else quite straightforward and fair I thought. Not sure what all the fuss was about with 1A and 7D.

    Is twelve noon too early to be thinking about Knockando? ☺

    Enjoyable and satisfying.

  3. batarde said

    A thoroughly entertaining romp with which to end the week, and it’s a surprise that the affable Bertandjoyce weren’t all that taken with it. Plenty of ticks and no complaints except that it was all done and dusted rather quickly. It’s been a good week I think, with something for everyone, and the last couple of puzzles have been uncommonly good fun.

    The Spoonerism made me smile: we have a thriving population of red kites around here, but I’ve yet to see an overweight one. 🙂

  4. jonofwales said

    A thoroughly enjoyable puzzle to end the week. A time that was close to a personal best here for the i, so I’m frankly amazed that this was a Thursday reprint. Also a little surprised at the comments over on the other side. For me this was as good as they get. But I do enjoy Morph’s puzzles…

    18ac was a trap I quite happily strolled into, but thankfully 7d was an easy one.

    Lots of ticks – 12ac, 3d, 13d for starters – but my favourite was the Spoonerism as well.

  5. An enjoyable solve. My only question marks were ha = measure (hectare presumably) and all = the company (perhaps in stage directions?)

  6. Wanderlust said

    Fine by me this one. No complaints and there were some fun bits.

  7. Cornick said

    Yup, an amusing puzzle with no complaints here at all, just a new distillery to research.
    Definitely at the easy end of Morph’s usual range though – didn’t JonofWales give him an average solve time that was longer than Nestor’s at the start of the tear?
    I’d wager that the some of those clues – like the contentious 1a and 7d, plus the excellent COD came from a list of clues awaiting puzzles that Morph keeps somewhere.

  8. thebargee said

    Enjoyed this one. Couldn’t believe how quickly it was finished, having only recently returned to cryptic crosswords after a pause of 40 years or so!
    Being a whisky lover, had no problem with 4d. I think I would get a lot of pleasure (and probably sozzled) solving a puzzle with a distillery theme.

  9. Solojo said

    Good stuff. I thought 1A was a bit clunky, but all in all found this a cheerful, zippy solve. And who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of Spooner at the end of a long week?

  10. dtw42 said

    Agreed – accessible and enjoyable. Since I had the day off, I did this at my leisure over breakfast. The distillery was the only bit that I didn’t understand. (Was fine with ROUX.)
    Can’t resist a spoonerism clue, even though the only way to indicate them is a dead giveaway as to what they are. (“A hole in the door’s improved security, according to Spooner (9)”)

  11. AndyO said

    No problems with 1a (straight in for an optimistic start) and 7d is as routine as they get – so don’t understand b&j’s quibbles at all – mildly disappointed there’s no nina as the sides were teasing towards one…

  12. Keeptrying said

    Stuck with 7d 9a and 24a

    • sprouthater said

      Hello Keeptrying. If you click on the highlighted Fifteensquared in the text above it will take you to all the solutions and explanations. Well done on your perseverance

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