i Cryptic Crossword 2515 Tyrus

March 1, 2019

With one exception this week’s puzzles have seemed to me to be on the challenging side, so perhaps today might be a bit of light relief? Well, it is a Monday reprint and they are usually on the straightforward side, but this is Tyrus who isn’t.  After reading through the across clues the grid looked pretty empty. The downs proved slightly more productive with a nice anagram at 4dn and well hidden solution at 5dn. 6, 7 and 8 followed swiftly and we were off, only now realizing that 1ac was an anagram. 9ac required knowledge of something that I have no interest in, but I supposed that is balanced out by 5dn. It was the SE corner that I found really difficult, not helped by tentatively entering Harold at 12ac, or the setter referring to 23ac as a “Friendly place”. But as is so often the case it all seems so obvious when explained over on Fifteensquared where there is much praise, although nobody mentions 2nd and those that express a preference pick 25/25 as their COD. But for me the long anagram at 1/21 is just eclipsed by the misdirection of

17dn  Local’s improved after barring setter, right? Anyone there? (9)


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  1. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Another very challenging solve, but not one I found rewarding or enjoyable. Too many quibbles and queries for that, with some answers going in after an e-trawl without really understanding them.

    FACEBOOK seems unfairly clued, and was only got from the crossers and some vague understanding of the wordplay. I cannot identify the correct anagram-fodder for DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM. Augurship did not feature in the e-help I consulted, and I only got it through working my way through the alphabet. Not sure about the definition for ALLCOMERS. Something not quite right about the wordplay for Z-LISTER, with ‘she’ cluing ER. DRIVE-IN went in without getting rive = split, which is obscure, to my mind.

    • Wanderlust said

      I think it was drive on which makes a bit more sense, but like you I had a few quibbles, nonetheless a good workout in what has been a good week overall.

      • Michaelatcobblerscottage said

        Thaknks, yes you are right. I put DRIVE ON but mistyped or else auto correct… ☺

    • batarde said

      Regarding 10ac, the ER is eLIZabeth II, surely? I liked that.

  2. jonofwales said

    Definitely challenging, but I’m afraid another Friday thumbs down from me. One’s followers aren’t TWEETERS, FACEBOOK isn’t a friendly place, 12ac and 22d are hopelessly obscure, I can’t see a workable definition in 1/21, and so on. Less like this one please.

    • Michaelatcobblerscottage said

      I wondered about TWEETER. If “one’s” Is taken as “one has” rather than “one is” then I think it works. Doesn’t redeem the crossword, though.

  3. Don Geraldos said

    Can some one please explain how allcomers = Anyone there?

    • jonofwales said

      Sorry for the delay replying, only just noticed your comment awaiting moderation. The question mark is a bit of misdirection – so ALLCOMERS is literally anyone (everyone) there.

  4. batarde said

    Perhaps I’ll be in a minority of one today. Thoroughly enjoyed this with just the one complaint: for goodness’ sake Tyrus, if you have an “ozone” shaped gap there’s no dishonour in going with the flow. Harrumph. Otherwise it was a rewarding puzzle which took enough teasing out to distract me from the ongoing fiasco which is our attempt to switch broadband providers. I assumed that there was a dose of leaden irony involved in referring to Facebook as a friendly place – as indeed it is, in the sense that the whole thing is based on forming “friendship” networks, apparently. Wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole myself. Happy bunny today, and there’s dtw42’s crossword to look forward to later on.

  5. dtw42 said

    Once again a game of two halves for me. Put a few in very quickly this morning, and thought, “Oh good, another relatively light one” … then ground to a halt about 3/5 through. 18ac needed a wordfinder – far too obscure IMHO. Didn’t like the wordplay in 6dn (“I’m it”?? who says that??) though the def was fair. Didn’t like the def in 17dn though the wordplay was fair. 26ac was a bit too convoluted, and in the end I gave up on 12ac and came here for the answer. Hey ho.

  6. Cornick said

    A quick enough first 3/4 but I ran out of steam in that SE corner and nodded off on the sofa with a biro in my hand – from an upholstery point of view that’s a very dangerous thing to do.
    The COD defeated me – ‘involved’ as an anagram indicator. ‘barring’ as a containment indicator and a cryptic definition too, all in the same clue!

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