Inquisitor 1582 Missing Flight Bag by Ifor

February 27, 2019

Saturday priorities:

  1. Dance lessons – not mine you’ll be relieved to hear.
  2. Phi, as trusty as ever.
  3. Maths homework, again not mine. Just the two hours this week.
  4. A preamble I suspect I have little chance of understanding.

As far as the latter is concerned let’s just take it one step at a time. The easy bits first. Extricate some spurious letters from a couple of clues, and the 3-letter ones where it appears there’s another, non-linked definition. The upshot being that, as ever, there’ll be a load I’ll stare at, shrug, and chuck in the answer anyway. Who needs to parse the things anyway? A dangerous stance to take when solving the IQ some would argue. What’s new?

What’s new is being short of time given 1 and in particular 3 above. Thank the gods, Ifor and Nimrod then for an easy-ish grid fill this week. All done and dusted before you can say – “It’s time to get on with tea”. The requisite number of new, exciting words. A moment of doubt over a BRA. And feeling appropriately SENSELESS as is par for the course Saturday, to the close.

Let’s start with the scrambled letters, and the revealed date in the clue numbers. EARLS COURT, 1911. OK, this is one I’m vaguely aware of. First escalator?

Let’s look at the 3 letter answers and spurious definitions to four letter ones. Couple must give PAIR, so we’re either looking for an extra I, or an O giving IO? In a line = AROW, planes AERO, and so on… Not sure yet what turning them 90 degrees will give. I know, you spotted it straight away…

What about the four-word remark? I’m coming to dread word searches as they’re giving me a lot of grief of late, but lo, there’s STAIRC diagonally SW to NE. And the rest? Re-read the preamble. The remark is symmetrically placed, and the first two words are jumbles of the last two. LO STAIRCASE IS ESCALATOR. Yep, that’s 22 letters.

Rotate them round, because it’s like an escalator moving, see:

And stand on the right, please. Oh yeah, the I and O, rotated. It’s the tube symbol, innit? Coloured appropriately, lobbed in the centre square.

Huzzah. Now, I thought that was very good, with a very satisfying endgame. More like this please. But now, Hobgoblin time…

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