i Cryptic Crossword 2507 Dac

February 20, 2019

Dac’s back with a puzzle that was perhaps a little towards the harder end of his range? The SW corner in particular at the close caused me no end of grief. Archduke who? And geography… All is as well clued as you’d expect on a Wednesday, so no complaints, the fault generally being with my lack of general knowledge. Elsewhere the composer was new but easy enough to glean, and non-Welsh solvers may have been a little puzzled by 23d. It’s a pangram, apparently, but as expected I didn’t notice.

COD? I’ll go with 1ac – “Home Office linked to closure of part of hospital? That’s novel (7,3)”.

To October 2014:


8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2507 Dac”

  1. dtw42 said

    I sailed through 70% of it pretty quick (22dn was fine), but also ended up chewing my pencil over the SW corner. 20ac is a bit of a clunky word. 13dn was unfamiliar, and it didn’t help that I started with MINOAN in 23ac (which very nearly works – brief moment = MIN, round = O…) … scrubbed that out when it became clear that 12dn had to be an -ING word.

  2. batarde said

    Agree about the COD, which was a nice way to get the ball rolling. The SW corner was a bit stiff: I liked 20ac as it happens, but not 23ac. To be fair to Dac I’d probably have thought it awfully good had I cottoned on to the pangram. Does anybody else sigh when they see “Herts town”, by the way? If it ain’t the one in 15ac it’ll be Ware … mind you for crossword purposes there’s only one town in Norfolk.

  3. Cornick said

    We need a word for this kind of puzzle – one that starts very easily and moves by degrees through to the downright fiendish; a ‘slider’ perhaps?
    And of course it was that SW corner that caused the problems. Fortunately I did guess there was a pangram going on, otherwise that islander at 23a would have surely remained undiscovered.

  4. Topsy said

    I really enjoyed this and particularly liked 4d. Not overly impressed by 20a, though. I didn’t help myself by plonking in Mecca as my first answer and, I too, was in the Minoan school for a while. Never mind, all good stuff to look back on when I attempt whatever horror is coming up tomorrow!

  5. Wanderlust said

    From the downright easy, this puzzle went through the gears nicely.
    Agree about the Herts and Norfolk towns but sooner or later somebody is going to throw a curveball by picking different ones e.g. “Fiasco for newcomer arriving at Norfolk town (7)” I seem to remember Little Snoring was used somewhere before, but in a far too obvious context. Bring it on compilers!

  6. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    I too found this to be one that got harder as I went on. Not often that I have quibbles with a Dac and de mortuis, and all that, but this time I was puzzled by a few clues. I got Donizetti from the D and N crossers, but had no idea about Etty, who seems too obscure. Not sure that LATENT is fairly defined by “not easy to find”. Is it ok to refer to Dhaka as Dacca? I guessed it was a pangram when I had Q, X and Z, which helped with the islander, which did have me struggling for a while.

  7. sprouthater said

    They must have moved Tring I was sure it was in Bucks likewise Rhyl I was sure it was in South Wales. Got there in the end LOI 13dn Collar had to be Nab. Oh well. Lots to like but my lip curler was 24ac.

  8. Ovid gets an outing two days in a row! Our favourite poet?

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