Inquisitor 1577 Hearst by Kruger

January 23, 2019

From the blog that asks what difference a stepper and a stopper between friends.

But to the present. Hearst, presumably not Patty. A handful of misprints in the definition explaining how we’ll have already entered some answers. Figures. A mysterious solitary square bang in the middle revealing all.

First one in? That would be be somewhere near the bottom, a quick scan having revealed a handy anagram of “itches” giving a word I’ve not heard of before. I do like a cup though. In America an ASSASSIN would presumably “ice” and not “ace” somebody, though it took a while to spot the misprint having blithely assumed the two might be synonymous across the pond.

The grid fill? Pretty much a breeze until this point, until… Cue grinding halt. Because some of the crossing answers just won’t fit, presumably because of that point we’ve already been warned about in the preamble. TAELBAR and MANTEL let’s say. MANTLE means something else altogether, but it’s the only combination of those letters that’ll fit. So chuck them in. Swapping last two letters? Hearts, a possible anagram of the title? Or just plain anagrams? Yep, that’s it.

The misprints and subsequent quotation? I’m two short. Blame my parsing skills, or rather lack of them. And a couple of tricky clues, in particular exactly what’s up with Mill. The last word would be MOVE if it wasn’t for the pesky U in the middle of the thing. What do you get if you google MUOVE? That would be an alleged quote from Galileo that fits our misprints quite nicely:

EPPUR SI MUOVE (“And yet it moves”)

And indeed it does, as do a number of the answers.

Last step – that single, lonely cell. Well, it wasn’t quite 24 hours this time, but it did take a while to move beyond spotting various scattered bits of earth on the RHS to first sight of the ring of E’s round the centre, and not a little frustration too. E for Earth, S for Sun? Lob it in the centre, and it does fit the title too, doesn’t it? All pretty neat. Pity poor Galileo though.

Done, dusted, and hopefully correct this time. Thanks Kruger, I liked that, though the final step was one that was almost a bridge too far in these parts.

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