Inquisitor 1576 YNTHFYHFTTF HTTL by Schadenfreude

January 16, 2019

Schadenfreude having evidently decided that giving the poor old blogger trouble spelling his moniker isn’t enough, we’ve now got to concentrate on the title too. Or did the typesetter just have an unfortunate accident?

More likely the clue’s somewhere in that preamble, the bit about have to encode eleven of the answers. Handily using a phrase we haven’t been given. Well, this is the Inquisitor. But they’re all clues without a definition, which does help.

First in? That would be all the way down at 32ac with AWNED. Blame one last Christmas blast. Blame the shock to the wallet at having to buy yet another pair of kid’s shoes. How many is it possible to get through?

But from that point on progress could best be described as steady. Lots of W’s in the answers that evidently need to be encoded. PANATELAS only needs one L. Who knew? Well, the (S)OED evidently. 1d must be YAPPER or YAWPER or something like that, but the BRB seems to be blind to the Elizabethan bit.

First answer that needs encoding? That would be CURIO. So some of the W’s at least are O’s. Makes sense. The second? ORSINO. At which point Google to the rescue to confirm we’re looking at Twelfth Night, or What You Will. Yep, that’s 25 letters, and thus the phrase we need to use for the coding. So with a list of characters to hand, and a crib sheet to code with, to the end of the grid. 1d being YAWPER. Nope, still don’t know why.

Sadly it was only the next day I would realise the significance of Twelfth Night when we took the decorations down. Told you it was a heavy night. And was it a coincidence that Nimrod waited until the Sunday to issue his customary tweet advertising the weekend’s IQ? I like to think not. Oh, and the title? That would be Shakespeare Play. A hint too late.

Happy back to work eve, all.

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