i Cryptic Crossword 2463 Kairos

December 31, 2018

An IoS reprint to end the year with little that was too tricky. I say little, but the two that did put up more of a fight – 22ac and 23d – were decidedly obtuse. A pretty obscure word for boffin in the former, and a fairly rare material and unknown (to me) car in the latter. Perhaps this is why I’m finding the task of looking for a new car to be so unnecessarily stressful – I usually don’t take much notice. I made life difficult for myself by lobbing in THEREFORE and EAT-AWAY in the SE corner, but, well, that’s what happens when you go for speed over accuracy. Thankfully I soon saw the error of my ways. Lots of K’s in the answers, which may or may not be coincidental. All in all an enjoyable end to 2018.

So a Happy New Year all! I’ll be posting up a summary of the year sometime today or maybe tomorrow, depending on how the day goes.

COD? Well, 5d raised a smile even if it didn’t pose much of a challenge – “Fraternal American entertained by brothel keeper (3)”.

To the summer of 2014:


7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2463 Kairos”

  1. batarde said

    Arching of the eyebrow at 25d, which is quite an uncommon variant or so it seems to me. However, no hold ups worth speaking of and some rather entertaining clues made for a perfectly decent Monday sort of crossword. Looking forward to the annual round up: will Monk retain his title, I wonder?

  2. dtw42 said

    All fairly smooth here – nothing really outstanding, but nothing terrible either. 23, 22 and 21 were my last ones in.
    I think it just *feels like* a lot of Ks since most of them were in crossing squares, but there were only about six really.

  3. Cornick said

    Dozed off half way through, which probably isn’t a good sign, but there were definitely some goodies in there along with the dodgy ones.

  4. sprouthater said

    It was ok, got a bit bogged down in the SW corner, is Bibless really a word? it’s awful. I see a certain female singer turned up in the five – clue Cryptic

  5. Davyp said

    It’s good to know that other people struggle with the same clues. Still not sure about 22a or 23d and there are a lot of KS! Happy new year.

  6. Davyp said

    Confused. Was this prize crossword (31-12-18) a repeat from 2014?

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