The Tuesday Themes of 2018

December 30, 2018

Hello everyone; here is the list of Tuesday crossword themes for the past year. Having had a teensy spot of bother with formatting before I’ve also made a pdf file which you can view or download by clicking here.

  1. Seamus Heaney  –  Eimi
  2. Revolutionary leaders  –  Alchemi
  3. <strange pangram!>  –  Raich
  4. “Set”  –  Scorpion
  5. Minder (TV series)  –  Tyrus
  6. Food groups (popular music)  –  Tees
  7. I Haven’t A Clue  –  Phi
  8. Ni-na-ni-na-ni-na!  –  Crosophile
  9. Ada Lovelace  –  Radian
  10. Simon & Garfunkel  –  Raich
  11. Snakes  –  Radian
  12. Pasta  –  Anax
  13. Dogs  –  Tees
  14. US cities  –  Punk
  15. Figures of speech  –  Radian
  16. People on banknotes  –  Scorpion
  17. Seven Ages of Man  –  Radian
  18. Trees  –  Scorpion
  19. Ghost theme!  –  Tyrus
  20. The Decameron  –  Eimi
  21. Whole Numbers  –  Donk
  22. Royal Houses  –  Scorpion
  23. Food and Drink  –  Anax
  24. Ford models  –  Scorpion
  25. Languages  –  Radian
  26. Battles and dates  –  Tees
  27. Marvin Gaye  –  Hob
  28. Cheese (and chalk)  –  Morph
  29. Shakespeare’s comedies  –  Raich
  30. The Four Seasons  –  Radian
  31. Books of the Bible  –  Poins
  32. Mister …  –  Crosophile
  33. Bob Hoskins  –  Eimi
  34. Old Countries  –  Scorpion
  35. The Shield of Achilles  –  Tees / Hephaestos
  36. Stock + Port  –  Hob
  37. Maps and their uses  –  Radian
  38. Towers of London  –  Morph
  39. Italian food  –  Scorpion
  40. Waiting for Godot  –  Alchemi
  41. Toilets  –  Tees
  42. US Presidents  –  Hieroglyph
  43. Well Well  –  Radian
  44. Blue …  –  Scorpion
  45. Dublin  –  Hob
  46. Jane Austen  –  Hieroglyph
  47. Joints  –  Crosophile
  48. Kenneth More  –  Alchemi
  49. Eagles  –  Hob
  50. Cumbrian fells  –  Morph
  51. One letter suffixes (eg Henry V)  –  Hob

It’s not unlike last year’s list except that Radian has to share the prize for contributing the greatest number of Tuesday crosswords with Scorpion, and again we see a wide variety of subjects only a small handful of which could fairly be described as high brow. The “Shield of Achilles” crossword by Tees masquerading as Hephaestos definitely fits into that category, and sticks in the memory because it was one of the rare occasions when the Tuesday puzzle was a really stiff one. Ordinarily they simply tend to be of middling difficulty with an extra element of fun.

It’s been a pleasure writing the blogs, and I look forward to more of the same in 2019 with only some mild trepidation in case WordPress insists on making us use the incomprehensible new editing software. Best wishes to one and all for the New Year.

6 Responses to “The Tuesday Themes of 2018”

  1. Cornick said

    I think Hob’s Stockport puzzle was my personal favourite, but the truth is I could happily revisit any of several in that list. I reckon you must have the best blogging spot of the week, Batarde!

  2. jonofwales said

    Lots there I’d forgotten, lots there I still remember fondly. 🙂 Thanks for taking the trouble to note them all and post up!

    WordPress are keen I try out their new editing software, but I’m less so. I’ll let others iron out all the bugs.

    Happy New Year, and thanks again for all the blogs this year!

    • batarde said

      I thought I’d take a look, found myself in a strange minimalist editing environment with everything hidden away heaven knows where … and scuttled off back to the old editor toot sweet. Mind you, I’ve been out of date with word processing software since Word 4, so others shouldn’t be deterred on my say so.

  3. dtw42 said

    Hmm. I post infrequently enough on mine that I’ve not really noticed it (yet). Mind you, my posts tend to be a heading and an image and nothing more anyway (for which I almost always switch across to HTML-view so I can tweak it). I’ll keep an eye on it next time I have enough inspiration to post anything! 😛

    • batarde said

      It’s an optional “hey, why not try our cool new editor?” situation at the moment, so the option to revert to the old one is available. Thank goodness. My HTML is about as fluent as my Icelandic, so that option is contra indicated for this unadventurous old duffer.

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