i Cryptic Crossword 2431 Punk

November 22, 2018

Flashling back in the day was of the opinion that this was a fairly gentle puzzle. I on the other hand struggled throughout, and needed to cheat to finish, so take your pick. Perhaps as a result this was never going to be one I found to be particularly enjoyable. By the close I felt like I’d been through the mill, through and through. Taking an age to spot the composer probably didn’t help, or confidently entering WASTED for 25ac. At this point perhaps I should just lie down and retire from crossword solving. How did you get on?

COD? 10ac elicited quite a loud groan, so I’ll go with that – “Did you say two canines drink before eating? (8)”

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12 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2431 Punk”

  1. Topsy said

    I knew I was destined to fail on this one….. had to search to get to the puzzle (page 27), saw it was Punk, print so tiny I had to use my magnifying glass, dislike convoluted clues, etc. It is a pity because my irritation clouded the fact that there were some good clues. Ah well.

  2. Topsy said

    Please can someone explain why PI means good?

  3. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    I’m with Topsy on the size of the type. Getting my reading glasses balanced at just the right length was almost as challenging as the crossword itself…

    Mixed feelings about this one. I worked steadily though it without too many problems. I was unaware of GROGRAM, but it was fairly clued and gettable from the wordplay. TEACHER was very amusing, I thought, and I liked the clue for BREAD, which I had puzzled over and was my last one in, and which made me groan when I realised what it was.

    On the other hand the clue for W. A. M. really irritated me. Once I had a few crossers in place in the SE corner and WOLFGANG was the only realistic entry, it was just too easy to put in the rest of his name. But the wordplay was too, too opaque; without knowing the actual answer I think it would have been very nearly impossible to figure out how it worked, and the surface was so poor that it did not justify the incoherent wordplay.

  4. Barrie Cooper said

    Completed without too much trouble or pleasure.

    Usual dilemma with Punk – where do you draw the line between the pleasingly quirky clue and the downright unacceptable/unfair/silly? For me 3, 6d and especially 10 fall into the latter category, while 4 and 8 are in the former.

    I gave up trying to work out the WAM clue, and also failed to understand 22, which may well be a very clever clue(?!)..

  5. sprouthater said

    Quite a few very good clues but my enjoyment was tempered by the awfulness of 10ac, 22ac and especially 3dn.

  6. batarde said

    I’m a happy customer, anyway, if we ignore the small print. As with Flashling, this felt quite gentle for a Punk to me, but as entertaining as ever. A couple of groaners (3 and 10); a real plug-ugly of a word at 12 … but other than that nothing displeasing. The WAM clue works perfectly if you can be bothered to parse it, but I bet most of us didn’t.

  7. Topsy said

    I wasn’t impressed with 24a because I would follow the word stoned with “to death”. In theory someone could be stoned as a punishment but not necessarily die. Ha ha, while I am grumbling, I wasn’t impressed with the clueing for “set” either. I noticed that “lazy” was in the clue for 22 back in 2014. Would it have helped? I doubt it.

  8. Cornick said

    I too bunged in WAM without bothering to parse it.
    Lots of good ideas as per usual with Punk – he pushes the envelope so that others can follow, and I thank him for it.
    However, I’d give Dac’s clue yesterday for Palatable my vote, by a nose.

  9. dtw42 said

    Okay, well my paper didn’t turn up this morning, so I picked it up from the newsagent at about 6pm and didn’t get to look at the crossword till about 7pm. Did about a third of it, found I was getting nowhere, lost interest.

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