i Cryptic Crossword 2430 Dac

November 21, 2018

A fairly gentle, thoroughly enjoyable offering from Dac to brighten our Wednesday. Unusually for him there’s a pretty obscure answer at 16ac, though one perfectly gettable from the anagram fodder and a few checking letters. 25ac is a crossword regular, otherwise I’d count that one as being obscure too. 🙂 11ac is quite poignant in retrospect, and it’s hard not to wonder how long Dac had been ill looking at 20ac in the bottom half of the grid. As ever nothing to nit-pick, always smooth surfaces, they don’t get much better.

COD? 20ac – “Royal Mail employee after work in theatre (4-9)”.

To April 2014:


8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2430 Dac”

  1. Topsy said

    I thoroughly enjoyed this without a single grump!

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    An absolute delight, and a poignant reminder of what the crossword world has lost.

    No real quibbles about the cluing (there rarely are with Dac). I struggled to bring RUSHDIE to mind, and AIGRETTE was lost in the depths of my memory, so these two were my last ones in.

    TICKLING for “dealing with cod”, er, tickled me. And speaking as a former Trade Union branch Secretary, the cluing for OUNCE made me smile.

  3. batarde said

    Fine, fine, fine. As is usually the case with Dac I find myself in Famous Eccles mode, because there isn’t much else which needs saying. That trout tickled me too, and the unfamiliar word at 16ac is intriguing … all you need is a dash of French wine and you have a salad dressing. I’ve a feeling there’s a half-decent clue lurking in that idea somewhere.

    • Cornick said

      Just remember no-one will thank you for having to put A and B together to make C if either A or B are that obscure, so it would have to be a subtractive clue, which would also be tricky. Hmm.

  4. sprouthater said

    The most difficult part today was folding the paper, the puzzle in my paper was almost penetrated by those pesky staples. Excellent puzzle 15dn was as obscure to me as 16ac but both solvable from the anagrams.

  5. dtw42 said

    Yup, what everybody else above said 🙂

  6. dtw42 said

    Oh – and re the COD – that was the one I chose to read out to a colleague across the desk, so obviously stood out for me too.

  7. Cornick said

    What dtw42 said first!

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