Dac At His Best

November 9, 2018

The i have today reprinted The Independent’s obituary of David Crossland. Much to my surprise, they’ve also printed one his puzzles that I don’t believe has been previously published in the i. Which partly explains, I suspect, his absence this Wednesday. The answers are printed underneath, but should you be interested, here is the Fifteensquared blog for that puzzle:


Thanks Dac for all the puzzles. Gone but never forgotten.


7 Responses to “Dac At His Best”

  1. batarde said

    A particularly good example, I thought. Phi’s appearance on Wednesday made me suspect a Dac on Saturday, but this was an unexpected bonus and a nice tribute.

  2. jonofwales said

    That was indeed Dac at his best. Nothing too difficult, but every clue a good one, and those trademark surface readings…

  3. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    An absolute delight. The very model of a daily cryptic.

    He will be greatly missed.

  4. dtw42 said

    Yup, that was really good 🙂

  5. Cornick said

    When I saw it was a Dac puzzle I thought ‘The next half-hour will be a pleasant one’ – and so it proved.

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