i Cryptic Crossword 2418 Phi

November 7, 2018

Which has completely thrown me. No Dac, and Saturday’s setter, I’m all over the place. 😉 Lucky then that this was an enjoyable, not overly tricky solve. OK, there are one or two obscurities – notably 16d and 18d – but in all cases the thing to do was trust the cryptic and you’d get there. One or two on the other hand I couldn’t parse – 11ac, 12ac and 3d in particular – but in each case the answers were pretty obvious. There’s a Nina in the top and bottom rows. Spotting it meant I swiftly altered a pretty desperate BANG in 2d to the more sensible, correct answer. Phi proving he can do low as well as high brow. All in all an enjoyable mid-week diversion.

COD? I’ll go with 9ac – “Inspectorate frequently probed by Sun editor (6)”.

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7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2418 Phi”

  1. Cornick said

    Found him!
    With the top & bottom Nina mostly revealed half-way through, I was wondering what would happen with that final square – ‘Nastaliq’ eh? Fair enough and one to remember; I guess it might come up again, plus a nifty way to indicate the question mark, of course. My other unknown was the Australian slang for a wet blanket – hmm.
    Overall a fun crossword with much to enjoy.

    Please do take a moment to read Eimi’s excellent obituary for the late lamented Dac. Here it is: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/david-crossland-dead-the-independent-crossword-setter-cryptic-puzzles-a8618556.html

  2. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Fun and satisfying – much better than yesterday’s experience.

    Like jonofwales I could not parse, INSULARITY or DOWSER, a wowser being new to me. Never heard of NASTALIQ, either, but it was pretty clear what it was meant to be once the crossers were in place. It was my last one in and, like Cornick, I had been wondering how the nina would end up (I spotted it far too late for it to help me, as usual).

    Thanks, Cornick, for the link to the obituary.

  3. Jimbo said

    Sad news on Dac’s passing, nice obit, thanks for the link.

    Back to today’s puzzle, I far sped through the LHS but got snarled up in the RHS with a few defeating me entirely. But not 18 I’m glad to say, despite never hearing of it before. The NINA definitely helped me.

    Overall, good fun.

  4. batarde said

    Good in parts. I’m not really Phi’s number one fan, but it was a perfectly decent example of his distinctive style. Clearly the oft repeated advice that if, in the course of embedding a gimmick you find yourself including a word like Nastaliq you probably ought to reconsider doesn’t apply to this setter.

    Nice obit for the great man: thanks for calling it to our attention, Cornick.

  5. New word of the day: “an Arabic script developed about the 15th century, characterized by a tendency to slope downward from right to left, and used mainly for Persian poetical writings and in Urdu and Malay manuscript.” And, no, I didn’t find him… I thought he was outside the 02 branch in Putney High Street.

  6. sprouthater said

    Pretty much the same as Batarde

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