i Cryptic Crossword 2396 Rorschach

October 12, 2018

He’s the bloke who came up with the ink blot test and some of this puzzle was just as perplexing to me as the test would be. Many of the answers are names of people both real and fictional and therein lies the theme which of course I failed to spot. But I was in good company as duncanshiell who wrote the original Fifteensquared blog missed it too. 10ac also gives a hint…

I made a quick start with 1ac going straight in, and the rest of that corner soon followed although 9ac seemed a bit tenuous to me, as did 15ac. 5ac was one of my last in as it was an obscurity clued by another obscurity, with only the “in” being apparent from the wordplay.  Anyone who didn’t like yesterdays Eiffel = Eyeful hom probably won’t like 12dn, but the last three letters were a bit of a give away. 14dn is for me one of the most difficult clues I’ve come across recently, and only went in once all the checking letters were in, and even then I needed electronic help and still couldn’t parse it! Which was a shame as that answer was required before you could solve 18dn down which was an excellent clue. Plenty of ticks – 4dn, 27ac and 25dn were worthy – but I think the aforementioned 18dn is

COD What’s rendered 14 less mobile in May?  (8)

I have just noticed that I failed with 6dn something else that was new for me.


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  1. batarde said

    All present and correct in the end, somewhat to my surprise. I have mixed feelings about this puzzle which is certainly full of goodies, but it could hardly be said that Rorschach wears his cleverness lightly. A bit showy, but it’s certainly something out of the ordinary run. Nothing strikes me as particularly obscure unless it’s Coleridge’s river (which appeared in the IQ recently, luckily), but the wordplay is really testing the boundaries at times. Yep – interesting and an enjoyable end to the week … I think. 🙂

  2. Cornick said

    Rorsarch has my favourite pseudonym since Araucaria, and he’s clearly put a lot of work into this brilliant HH idea (I actually suspected the H part of it upon glancing at the grid indeed). So it’s a shame I didn’t really enjoy the solve. Maybe just the weather, not sure.
    And my second DNF in a row. This time, like Sprouthater, it was Geek chic… I wondered about ‘Grey chic’ but left it blank when I couldn’t parse it.

  3. Cornick said

    Somebody must have jogged my elbow, I meant Rorschach!

  4. jonofwales said

    As per Cornick’s comments really. All very clever I’m sure, but lacking in entertainment value.

  5. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    Started this very late, and – for the first time in ages – I gave up without finishing it, largely because I was not enjoying it. Too many guesses, where I could not parse the clues, some of them wrong, some of them right. Some I could not even guess. I did spot the H theme, though.

  6. dtw42 said

    Ah – how odd: I quite liked this. Perhaps it was the more modern references in the clues? Only had time to do a couple before work this morning, so the majority of this was tackled over dinner this evening. Yes it was tough in places, and yes I made slow progress, but I didn’t get the annoyance I can get with some others when they’re being too obscure for me. Got everything in the end – finishing with 5ac/dn and 6ac. The proliferation of H surnames was clear enough but I didn’t make the connection with their forenames or with the grid pattern. (That explains 10ac now, aah…)
    Rather liked 16ac and 3dn.

  7. AndyO said

    Didn’t help that I banged in ‘pedestrian’ for 9A straightaway – but liked working out the theme – and would have probably picked Holman Hunt instead of Helen…

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