i Cryptic Crossword 2395 Nestor

October 11, 2018

A Saturday prize puzzle reprint today, and a very good one it is too as expected from Nestor. A pretty rapid solve, only 4d and 11ac in the NE corner and 10ac opposite causing any real difficulties. Oh, and my inability for an age to parse 6d properly too. Now, this was one where I knew how the word should be spelt but got hung up on “non-conformist” as an anagram indicator and dithered over the possibility of an alternative spelling. But of course there wasn’t one, and it wasn’t an anagram indicator. The pretty bland checking letters made 4d a little tricky to spot, on 11ac I got hung up on “leave”, and 10ac I should have known, but being more familiar with the longer form ending OSIS, well, I didn’t.

COD? Lots to like, and I particularly enjoyed 20ac, but I’m going to go with 14ac, because, well, it was quite cheeky, wasn’t it? “Inability to choose? Find it here! (6)”.

To July 2014:


In other, perhaps worrying news, it appears that Johnston Press, owners of the i, have put themselves up for sale as a result of being unable to pay back some pretty eye-watering debt.


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  1. Topsy said

    lots of blanks for me today. I thought 19d was ridiculous! Since when, for example, did bull become a homophone for bell?

    • jonofwales said

      My French is quite rusty, but I’ve always pronounced Eiffel with an U rather than E.

      Edited to note that, in French, it is indeed pronounced with an E. Oh well, it’s an English language crossword. 🙂

  2. batarde said

    Excellent throughout, with a little hold up at the end because 10ac took its time coming to me. Otherwise not so much as a hint of a complaint, and a basketful of ticks. 20ac, which is just about the best clue I’ve seen in a month of Sundays, got three of them.

    The news about Johnston Press is indeed worrying.

    • Carole Penhorwood said

      I would be interested to know how many people out of the i readership finished this crossword today. Once I discovered that many of the clues were going to take dictionaries, google and multiple goes, I found a great many more useful things to do.

      • batarde said

        Well, I can only speak for myself, Carole, but I didn’t get a whiff of anything wilfully abstruse or the setter being a clever dick for the sake of it – things which I’m if anything rather too quick to moan about usually. Somewhat above average difficulty; way above average workmanship was my feeling.

        Sorry to hear that it didn’t appeal to you. Maybe tomorrow, or the excellent Nutmeg in today’s Guardian?

      • LeahR said

        I read the i because it is wonderful, not because it has a cryptic crossword. That puzzle is something I like to do while having a cup (or two) of coffee to get me fired up for the day, not instead of the day! And when I do not understand some of the explanations or even the comments, I wonder who this is for?

  3. Cornick said

    And my favourite was 7a – for the surface and the hidden definition. Was expecting a Nina or theme with today’s grid, but no.
    11a also interesting. 24d still defeats me.
    Re the pronunciation of Eiffel, that word schwa springs to mind.

    I am unwilling to contemplate life without the i, so I shan’t. 🙂

  4. Michaelatcobblerscottage said

    A bit of a struggle for me today. I couldn’t quite work out exactly how Nostromo worked, even though I knew what it was, and Osmose was an inspired guess in the end. I loved Silver-tongued, though.

    I ‘ve only just got used tohaving no Independent, so losing the i is just too traumatic to contemplate…

  5. sprouthater said

    Nope long winded clues like 20ac and l lose all interest, the answer only went in because of the moon backwards bit and I’d vaguely heard it somewhere, It all became a bit of a trudge.

  6. Jimbo said

    Real mixed bag, I thought. Quite a few ticks, 4 and 21 tickling me in particular. But a few too many long-winded contortions. On the whole very enjoyable though.

    I’d struggle without the i too. Can’t be doing with the comics or the various forms of Der Sturmer, and The Grauniad is just too worthy (and expensive).

  7. dtw42 said

    Enjoyed most of this, got a bit stuck towards the end & needed help with 4, 10, and 11. Like Cornick, I failed on 24dn at the end.
    For 20ac I got the “Alien craft” reference and the novel, but wasn’t able to unpick all the goings-on in-between.
    Thought 12ac was very nice.

  8. AndyO said

    Quite like 1A – answer was anatomical despite the geometrical misdirections!

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