Inquisitor 1562 Provider of Name Filling Entry by Ifor

October 10, 2018

From the blog that wishes it was more rock n roll than it really is. Or why I prefer a cup of tea and a quiet night in these days. Which is all another way of saying that the Saturday headache hasn’t materialised this week, handily because Ifor’s preamble has instilled a faint but nagging sense of unease. It’s that phrase “two different ways of filling the grid.” Did I bother to count how many asterisked clues there are? No I did not. Did I immediately think I can’t be doing with erasing the whole of another carefully filled grid? Yes, I did. A general feeling of malaise that didn’t improve on getting somewhere near the end of the across clues before I managed to get one in.

Okay, take a step back, concentrate on the non-asterisked clues because surely we can solve those. Well, yes we can, especially when they’re nice friendly anagrams like 44ac. Gotta be something ITIS, hasn’t it? NETSUKE directly above, which sounds like anything other than a Japanese decoration. And I can solve the asterisked clues too, you know. Some friendly definitions, nice clear wordplay. ASK or ASS, you decide. And what, you say, it’s a good idea to jot both possibilities into each cell, because it’ll make the grid fill a little easier? Oh, go on then. Only a few where we don’t have many letters in common between the two bits, notably towards the top of the grid.

That centre bit was a little tricky though, wasn’t it? YON or TON, an obscure bit of musical terminology. And the top row. Yes, the wordplay bit’s obviously an anagram, but I don’t know about you but I’d not heard of DENISE DARVALL. Perhaps I should have. First shot at the definition bit for the same was Doctor Faustus until it just wouldn’t fit. But we do have a doctor. One BARNARD, of HEART TRANSPLANT fame. Though the story does seem a little shady on the reading. Anyway, the former bit alternates with LOUIS, the latter WASHKANSKY in a lovely big heart shape.

So is it going to be the good doctor, or the first, unwitting heart donor? The preamble said to look at the title, which has been nagging away throughout. N in DOOR, surely? So go with Denise, which must mean the rest is HEART TRANSPLANT. Got to be.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I thought that was really quite impressive, very nicely put together, with a lovely endgame. Goodbye the malaise that marked the opening of the paper, hello a warm happy glow. And no, that doesn’t mean that I succumbed to the whisky immediately afterwards.


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  1. batarde said

    Oh, I certainly thought it was impressive, but it took me ages to resolve the endgame – that’s after realising that it was the donor rather than the doctor we’re after. A bit out of my depth this time, really, but a thumbs up to Ifor all the same.

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