i Cryptic Crossword 2384 Klingsor

September 28, 2018

The end of the working week and we get what I found to be a real tough nut with this Thursday reprint from Klingsor. I made a hesitant start at 10ac – I’ve being doing these things for long enough to know Ton = Fashion, but couldn’t see It’s=Sex😴. Next in was 18ac – how I knew that magazine is a mystery. The down clues proved more fruitful with the first four going straight in although I did have to check Genoa in a dictionary. This burst soon came to halt in the NE corner – an unknown Indian meal and an obscure vehicle with a ghastly football related clue through the middle held me up for ages,  although not as long as my LOI, 20dn. Lots of ticks along the way – I particularly liked 4 and 16dn and 13 and 25ac, but COD because I like the surface is

1dn     I’m in Spain, broke quietly going ape (6)

All the solutions and parsing can be found in the excellent blog by Bertandjoyce   on Fifteensquared

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  1. batarde said

    So long as we draw a veil over Monday I’m of the opinion that this has been a real vintage crossword week in the i. This one seemed to me particularly fine even by Klingsor’s standards, and I am chuffed to say that I finished without recourse to references … despite staring blankly at 19d for ages after everything else was done and dusted. Lovely convoluted stuff throughout.

  2. jonofwales said

    Good stuff again. I struggled a little in the NE corner but the rest went in without too much ado. Perhaps I got lucky, spotting a lot of the definitions straight off. 13ac’s an interesting word I was surprised to get correct.

  3. Michael said

    Tough but very rewarding today. Shamateur eluded me totally, and did not come up in me e-search, but having seen the answer on Fifteensquared, I must say it is an excellent clue. I could not parse the pard in Stopard, but had no doubt about the answer.

    Lots to like, including Fortean Times and Bathetic, but my CoD was Boy-meets-girl which was splendid.

  4. Cornick said

    Towards the tougher end of Klingsor’s range – largely due to a few tricks like d for deserted which were towards the bottom end of the list of abbreviations in Chambers. Excellent stuff throughout though.
    19d was my LOI too, interesting to see how our setter eschewed the obvious reversal for that one.
    And sorry Sprouts, 7d was one of my favourites – Bobby Charlton? What’s not to like!

  5. dtw42 said

    Nope. Admittedly I almost always have trouble with Klingsor. Too hard for me; needed electronic assistance for about the last ¾ of it 😦

  6. All the puzzles this week have been very difficult I think. Today’s needed me to know that a genoa is a sail, the International Vehicle Registration letter for Cambodia, lamina in anatomy is a plate, and D = deserted. Tough!

    • Cornick said

      Yes, not a week I’d have enjoyed when I started doing the i (when it still cost 20p), but thank goodness they get easier!

  7. allan_c said

    I found this quite straightforward and relatively easy – so much so that I finished it in one session. Either I must be on Klingsor’s wavelength or I had a subconscious memory of doing the puzzle first time around – it could be the former as I find Klingsor fairly accessible when he appears in the Indy these days. I knew the Indian dish from my first adventures in the cuisine of the subcontinent – although I go for something rather more fiery these days.

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