i Cryptic Crossword 2383 eXternal

September 27, 2018

Another puzzle that I found to be a little on the tricky side, especially in the NE corner where I spent an absolute age. Are they just harder this week, or have I completely lost my touch? I’d guessed the fuel supplier but couldn’t justify it, struggled to think of the diarist required for the wordplay of 10ac (and as previously mentioned geography never has been my strong point), and, well, birds. No complaints, though, because eXternal is always good value for money, with lots of good, inventive clues, the aforementioned 7ac and 24d leading the pack. We have an update at 25ac, as you’d probably already guessed. First in a slightly panicky somewhere down the bottom of the grid, last in 15ac, finish time well above par for the i.

COD? 2d – “Interrupted twice by posh character, one who despises arrogance (7)”.

To a distant Thursday in 2014:


8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2383 eXternal”

  1. batarde said

    Rather impressed with this crossword, which was packed with a pleasing variety of devices and provided a good all round solving experience. Not that I was altogether smitten with the Caribbean one, but nothing else caused a frown … there was some raising of eyebrows though. Both 7s, 14 and 24 were all quite odd in various ways. Something a bit different, and enjoyable with it.

  2. sprouthater said

    Enjoyable enough 7ac and 24d went in without really understanding why and needed electronic help with 14dn which to me was an unknown clued in a rather too devious way.

  3. Michael said

    A somewhat irritating puzzle today, and ultimately not terribly satisfying for me, as I needed a little electronic help in a couple of places, and there being some where the parsing seemed strained.

    I could not parse Extremists, failing to spot either the anagram fodder or the indicator, although the definition was pretty obvious. I failed to spot the definition of Liver, and I took it as a very cryptic definition alone; the crossing letters made the entry obvious though. I was not sure that the parsing of Esso was right, as it seemed to me that “account for fuel supplier” suggested a homophobe for Standing Order and not vice-versa. Provision to fall does not seem quite right as a definition for Airdrop.

    On the positive side, Weirdo was very pleasing, and Yourselves made me smile.

    • Michael said

      I meant to say also that the parsing of Half-hardy was beyond me as well, although the definition and the crossers again made it clear what to enter.

  4. batarde said

    Forgot to mention that yesterday’s Guardian crossword is a goodie, if you like Arachne. We all do, don’t we? 🙂

  5. Wanderlust said

    Not keen on brand names unless they’ve been adopted into the language a la hoover, velcro or biro so didn’t like 4ac, and 14 down was a bit spurious but otherwise enjoyable today.

  6. dtw42 said

    Okay, I got about 80% of this quickly and enjoyably (I liked the penny-drop moment in 10ac when the list of diarists I could think of finally stretched beyond Samuel Pepys and Adrian Mole). Needed a little help with the final few and fell at the last with 7ac, for which I came here. Seeing the answer: bah humbug – what Wanderlust said re brand names.
    25ac caused me to grind my teeth a little: I can see how the setter referring to “i readers” would mean YOU, but I see no reflexivity to the definition to make it mean YOURSELVES. Still, it was easy enough.

  7. Cornick said

    What a fine run of puzzles we’re having. Unlike Jonofwales I actually started in the NE corner and thought 10a was a cracker… and 11a too – how often do you get a one word clue, indeed?
    LOI was 14d, and I too failed to fully appreciate what was going on in 24d.
    Very happy with the i currently.

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