Inquisitor 1560 Phase Shift by Phi

September 26, 2018

The prize for blind-blowing preamble of the year goes to Phi. Moon phases, apparently. Now, I can’t say I know a great deal about the things, but we seem to be missing the second quarter. Perhaps that’s right, I don’t know. The wordplay? We need to lift and shift large chunks of the resulting letters. The numbered clues? Something to do with the remaining phase.

Which sort of makes sense through the mind-fog that is Saturday afternoon and indeed most of the rest of the weekend. What’s the point of a soft drink and early night if you’re still going to feel like death the next day? But onward, and how to go about solving the thing? Well, a few of the “normal” clues make sense. So BAALITE, for example. But I’ve got absolutely no idea how to go about solving the rest. Especially the ones in quarters. Definition. Tick. Wordplay. Well, we haven’t really, have we? So what to do? OK… “letters and figures” in the full group is surely ALPHANUMERIC? And I can sort of see a couple of bits of wordplay that might relate to the answer. The rest, obviously, isn’t supposed to. But it’s got to fill one whole column or row of the grid, and we’ve got CUE at 29ac… In it goes.

So… Yes, that’s how I did it, the whole shebang. Find a likely looking definition, a bit of wordplay, trawl through the dictionary, and basically not bother with any of that stuff in the preamble. Which is pretty unsatisfactory, I’ll grant you, and I’d lay money on there being some pretty major howlers in that finished grid, but… Basically, I didn’t really know how else to go about filling it. Sure, we’ve got to shift letters in the wordplay from one clue to another, and I’m guessing there’s a lot of clever stuff in there. But it’s asking a lot and, for me, it was asking a bit too much. So I took a steam roller to the thing. Oh well, you can’t win them all…

So apologies to Phi and our editor for the shabby way in which I treated this week’s offering. Next week’s a new setter according to Nimrod who seems to be in the middle of a protracted pub crawl judging from his tweets. Let’s hope we can do them both justice. Here’s more shift work from The Fall.

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  1. batarde said

    Erk. Jolly well done Jon – having got “baalite” and a couple of others the pickings dried up and so did my patience. As it happens Vismut’s “Chip Chop” has restored some of my shattered confidence, but this ‘un put me firmly in my place.

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