i Cryptic Crossword 2330 Hob

July 27, 2018

I thought this very tough. Even though it is practically devoid of obscurities in both the answers and clues, the word play employed was nearly headache inducing. It started well enough – the first five across and three downs going straight in, but then it seemed to move up or down (depending on your personal preference) a notch. The linking of 6dn and 16ac was very clever but took a bit of time since 6dn was new to me, as was 22ac which couldn’t have been anything else once a few checkers were in. 26ac caused me a lot of problems – throughout my childhood pumps were never shoes. In fact it is only recently that I have been exposed to this term, so needed all the checking letters and a light bulb moment to get this.

The answer at 10ac can only point to the presence of a 10ac, but I couldn’t see it. Luckily the good folk over on Fifteensquared could. You will also find a bit of discussion mainly about the homophone at 28ac – and no I didn’t like shouting as an indicator either.

As for COD… Well, I did consider 27dn for its hair-loss inducing parsing, but instead:

24dn  Lost a cycling saddle perhaps (2,3)

6 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2330 Hob”

  1. batarde said

    Hands up everybody who saw “Would-be aristo … (4,4)” and immediately thought “Rees Mogg”.

    My overall impression was of a setter who is mightily pleased with himself. That might be unfair, but unlike Anax who by his own account is just wired up a little strangely, Hob seems to have been pulling out all the stops. There were a few moments of exasperation, but my biggest bugbear was 5d which cannot be unambiguously deduced from the wordplay and when you look it up you get sent to another headword. Grrr. That was entirely avoidable. Just for once I did find the 10ac, but only because it was so blatantly telegraphed: my reaction was “well done, Smartypants”. Curate’s egg in my opinion; Anax gets my vote for best puzzle this week.

  2. jonofwales said

    A tough offering, definitely, and one that perhaps benefited from being solved in dribs and drabs as I was forced to today. I made life difficult for myself by lobbing in ALLOCATION for 9ac, but never mind. According to Fifteensquared there is indeed a 10ac, but I can’t see it! We call pumps daps in this part of the world, but I was thankfully familiar with the term.

  3. DB said

    Never heard of ovolo, boarfish, radiograph (all of which are underlined in red as I type this, by the way…), or lady muck, so I had no chance. However I’ve just come back from a trip to Moldova so Lei was my first one in. Funny how that sort of thing can occur.

  4. Cornick said

    Filled with admiration for RatkojaRiku for managing to parse 12a, 25a and 28a, all of which I bunged in just because they fitted the definition.
    I love Hob’s ability, but those three and a couple of others fell into the bracket of trying-too-hard-to-be-clever, I’m afraid.
    Here’s hoping he reins himself in a bit next time.

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