i Cryptic Crossword 2327 Radian

July 24, 2018

Bless my symmetrical soul, that was neat, wasn’t it? Full marks to the setter for integrating his theme so tidily, and disposing the elements in regular fashion around the grid. As remarked before, Radian has this themed crossword business down to a T, and it’s good to see that there was plenty of well-earned praise from one and all at Fifteensquared back in April 2014 when the puzzle first appeared. Of course there are a few gripes, none of which occurred to me. There will be those who are pleased to see that there are no intersections between gateway entry and thematic material; conversely others will get in a tizzy about the two instances of 2/5 checking. Me … not bovvered.

I was fully expecting an Anax or a Monk today since a real three pipe problem is overdue, but this is a puzzle one can cruise through in a relaxed manner, enjoying the deft little touches along the way. All very congenial. One grumpy observation: the plural of shiitake is shiitake, something worth checking before passing adverse comment, you’d think. Anyway … lots of apt surfaces today and general cleverness. Stand-outs for me were 4, 17 and 20, and we’re back with the mushrooms for the COD, 8d. Arguably chestnut mushrooms, but it’s still a good ‘un:

“A bit of bacon, egg and mushroom (7)”

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2327 Radian”

  1. jonofwales said

    That was lots of fun, and a lot more accessible than I thought it’d be when I spotted Radian’s name. The game was up really once you’d spotted the theme, but still good throughout. 18d was a little tricky if you don’t know your flowers, but I don’t think there was anything elsewhere too trying.

  2. sprouthater said

    I will admit to an audible groan when I saw 1ac but it was probably unjustified, however 2dn still has a question mark, I rather like the Lock keeper part but the rest of it what was that about? Also17ac cryptically sound but it has been altered from the original ” London” to “15” so that has question mark too.

    • batarde said

      I read 2d in the same way as RatkojaRiku – the homophone is a crossword commonplace after all. As for 17ac, that might be because of the move to Coventry. To my mind the clue is improved by the omission anyway because it’s more of an “aha” moment when the light dawns.

      • sprouthater said

        To me the homophone just served to muddy the waters unnecessarily and as I know and care even less about rugby than I do about football that part of the clue just elicited a groan.

  3. Cornick said

    Well I’ve just learnt that Wasps have moved to Coventry – how did that pass me by?
    Anyhow, the puzzle was all very enjoyable. Thanks to setter and blogger, as they say. Agreed on all points.

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